3 Easy Things You Can Do To Relax Your Mind And Body

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The Importance Of Being At Peace

Did you know if you’re too stressed too often you’ll die younger? Essentially, you’ve got this compound in your DNA called telomerase. Telomerase forms telomeres. Telomeres act like tape around a shoestring binding your DNA together. Stress reduces telomerase.

So essentially, when you’re stressed, you age faster owing to a genetic buffering agent failing to be properly produced in your body. Naturally, you’re going to see telomerase levels reduced anyway, regardless of your level of stress, as you naturally age. The thing is, the more stressed you are, the more this aging process compounds.

That’s one reason why people tend to have hair loss under stress. They get long, drawn, irritated faces with wrinkles like canyons. Their skin gets blotchy, and they acquire a sudden, sad, hunted look as eyes become more recessed in their skeletal frame. Aging comes quicker owing to stress.

In contrast, some folks seem to be perpetually young. A big secret has to do with stress relief. So how do you get rid of stress? There are a number of ways, relaxing your body helps, so does relaxing your mind. But relaxing both mind and body is best, and following we’ll explore several ways you can do that.

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Solid Exercise On A Regular Basis

First things first: you’ve got to exercise as regularly as possible. Daily, you should exercise—just take one day off a week. If you can get thirty minutes of intense, sweat-inducing exercise a day, that will keep you in excellent health. Exercise produces “good” stress. It’s like learning something. If you’re in a class learning something new, you have “good” stress.

Sure, it can be uncomfortable not to understand something, but when you learn how to do something new, the joy of the new skill overrules the sorrow involved in learning it. There’s a tradeoff. Also, when you exercise better, you will have more restful sleep—your body needs it more. Additionally, you’ll have more energy and need less sleep overall.

Exercise helps your body rest. When you have more efficient sleep, your mind also experiences better rest. Also, where your mind is when you exercise has much in common with where the minds of others are when they meditate. This is so true that Yoga is intimately tied to eastern mythology. But you don’t have to dabble in the occult for such benefits.

If you’re running for a half hour a day, you’re going to have a half hour to sort of “meditate”. Six days a week comes out to three hours of solid mental rest. Combined with the positive physical benefits, that’s pretty notable.

Using Substances That Help You Relax

There’s nothing that says, especially in states like Colorado or Illinois, that you can’t relax with a little cannabis here and there. Still, there’s a balance to consider. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to become psychologically addicted to the exceptional peace and levity which comes through cannabis use. But if you quit suddenly, you’ll have no physical issues.

That said, eat too much food and you’ll die in your twenties. The point is, there’s a place for moderation in all things. Provided you’re able to be moderate, cannabis is a fine way to relax the body and mind. The biggest difficulty becomes how you ingest it. Something that may make a lot of sense is using services like Me Time Box that discretely send varying “flower” prep materials.

Music, Fiction, Verse, And Other Catharsis Initiators

Good music has a cathartic effect, so does good fiction, or good poetry. What’s “catharsis”? It’s a sort of therapeutic “release” of emotions; a “cleansing”, if you will. It’s a tension reduction agent—and tension leads to stress; except when it’s overcome by subsequent release.

It’s stressful to watch a “thriller”. It’s “cathartic” to see the good guys win. The satisfied feeling you get is sort of what the Greek word “catharsis” refers to. Whatever gives you that satisfied release is ultimately going to be good for you on a psychological level.

Physically, sexual climax has a cathartic element; but if it’s partaken of in the wrong circumstances, said catharsis tends to be brief, and psychological fallout more supreme. So keep in mind, just because something is cathartic doesn’t mean it’s “good”. Seek healthy, sustainable cathartic situations that are affordable enough to engage in on a regular basis.

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A Walk In The Woods Or Up The Hill

A fine natural way of getting catharsis is taking a walk through the woods, up a hill, in the mountains, or on the beach. Natural areas put your mind at peace while natural physical activity helps your body be peacefully aligned. Such strolls through the trees can also be solid exercise, reducing telomerase loss.

Being At Peace

A walk in the woods, music, fiction, verse, catharsis, varying substance use, and regular, solid exercise represent fine ways of putting body and mind at peace. Some of these work better for one person, others are more appropriate for different personalities. Find which of these best resonate with you for the most effective rest both physically and psychologically.

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