5 Fitness Benefits of Being a Coffee Lover

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A cup of coffee with a few beans with the title "5 Benefits of Being a Coffee Lover."

I love coffee and so does the rest of the world. I’ve been drinking coffee ever since I had a job and it has made me a better employee efficiency-wise. Whether black or with cream and sugar (plus a whole roster of flavors), coffee is one popular beverage. Personally, I prefer coffee as black as night but for particular acidic ones, specially those lightly roasted, I’d add whole milk to balance the acidity. It also becomes healthier that way.

Most people consume coffee for the boost while others claim to have a cup for a calming effect. Whether you drink it for function or for pleasure, coffee can potentially be healthier than you think. The health benefits of coffee are numerous, but you’ll be glad to know that it can have a positive impact to improve your fitness.

5 Fitness Benefits of Coffee

Coffee, when consumed regularly and in controlled amounts, can help you become fit and healthy. Below are just 5 of the fitness benefits of coffee.

Energy Booster

A man performing a squat with weights in a gym.

This is probably the primary reason this drink is so popular. Coffee naturally contains caffeine, the world’s most popular psychoactive drug. Caffeine helps coffee drinkers have that boost of energy, enabling them to lift heavier and run longer.

It also helps you keep your focus during workouts. Your senses are heightened. Therefore, your body’s reaction to error is faster. This is critical for those into lifting heavy weights since one wrong slip of the hands can be fatal.

Caffeine already has a lot of benefits on its own which is why most fitness enthusiasts who don’t like the taste of coffee but like the boost opt to buy caffeine supplements. Having caffeine naturally present in coffee for most people, though, is a bonus.

Fat Burner

Kettle bells.

Drinking coffee, specially black coffee, helps boost the metabolic rate by 3-11%. The higher our metabolic rate, the faster we can burn calories and allow us to eat food without gaining so much weight. This can even be helpful as an after-meal drink.

The benefits of exercising would definitely be augmented specially when it comes to burning fat. Whether you’re just running, squatting a barbell, or swinging a kettlebell, you’ll definitely burn much more fat if you’re already a regular consumer of coffee.

Source of Nutrition

A mug of strawberry coffee with plates of strawberries.

You can get all sorts of vitamins and minerals from all sorts of healthy food and supplements but did you know coffee has them too? Coffee contains numerous essential nutrients, among them, are Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Potassium, Manganese, Niacin, and Magnesium. It also has a lot of antioxidants which can help prevent certain cancers.

Natural Anti-Depressant

Two people jumping in the air during a sunset.

People who are often depressed often look to comfort foods like ice cream or chocolates. While those can make someone happy, the amount of sugar in those type of food can be overwhelming. For people who don’t want to depress themselves further with eating a lot of unnecessary calories, coffee might just be the next best thing. A study has found that the risk for depression decreases with increased consumption of coffee. Isn’t that just the best thing ever?

Negligible Calories

Black coffee, the plain one without anything else except pure coffee, has almost 0 calories. This is a good way to complement your weight loss workouts. Specially for women looking to slim down and are on women’s weight loss supplements.

This is the reason most health buffs love the drink. You can always add something to spice up the drink but to maximize this wonderful benefit, you have to learn to drink this as plain as possible. Trust me, once you get to love black coffee, you’ll never want it touched.

Coffee as a Pre-Workout Drink

A man letting out an intense scream during a gym exercise.

How does coffee benefit a person who’s just about to start exercising? On top the buzz it gives you, coffee can do a lot more for gym rats.

  • Coffee can improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation means better workouts.
  • You would experience better memory especially if your routine has a lot of workouts listed.
  • Coffee consumption can decrease muscle atrophy related to aging.

What Happens If You Drink Too Much?

A man suffering from an intense headache.

With all the good things about coffee, it is not by any means something you can just drown yourself in. Too much coffee can be very bad for you. Among the problems you could get are migraines, acid reflux, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. A healthy adult can normally consume up to 400 mg of caffeine a day that is equivalent to four cups of brewed coffee, but adolescents shouldn’t drink past 1 cup a day.

Read about the bad effects of too much coffee


Drinking coffee is more than just a good cup of Joe. Taken as fresh and plain as possible, coffee has a wide array of benefits that will make coffee drinkers out of people who initially shun their consumption. Not only does it give you the boost you need for the day but it also helps fight cancer and burn fat. It’s a feel good drink that makes you focused and alert in your workouts.

Coffee is good but too much coffee is not healthy and may lead to a lot of complications regarding your health. The key to maximizing the benefits of coffee is controlling the amount you consume.

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