5 Ways To Incorporate Coffee In Your Daily Beauty Routine

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Coffee lovers are always on the lookout for more ways to interact with their favorite beverage. What many people don’t realize is that coffee is a fantastic addition to any beauty routine. Filled with vitamins and antioxidants and a soft-yet-gritty texture, coffee can do wonders for your hair and skin when applied topically.

Here are five effective ways to incorporate coffee into your daily beauty routine.

Sip and De-Stress

Stress is often apparent on one’s face. In fact, many of the things we try to hide with skincare and make-up stem from stress. One of the best ways to incorporate coffee into your daily beauty routine is to start with self-care. 

Sit and sip your coffee in silence while reflecting on the day ahead and practicing mindfulness. This will help you ease tension in your skin and prepare your ace from the inside out. You can check the Owly Choice site and treat yourself to new flavors and additions to make your mornings great. It’s also the perfect way to kill time while waiting for your DIY coffee beauty products to work their magic. 

Create an Energizing Body Scrub

Save your used coffee grounds to create an energizing body scrub to use during your early morning showers. Mix the grounds with argan oil or coconut oil in an air-tight glass jar. Give your body a scrub to exfoliate dead skin and increase the blood flow to your skin, stimulating collagen production and reducing blemishes. 

Keep in mind that caffeine can be absorbed through your skin. That’s what makes this body scrub a great addition to a morning shower, rather than a relaxing evening bath.

Make a DIY Eye Cream

The chlorogenic acids in coffee help reduce inflammation. This effect works really well with the skin brightening elements and increased blood flow to help eliminate dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. 

Mix your used coffee grounds with a dab of cold water to make a paste. Dab the paste around your eyes, being mindful not to get too close. Let the paste sit for 5-10 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water. This addition to your beauty routine should help offset any fluid accumulation and leave your eyes looking bright and beautiful.

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Add Coffee to Conditioner

Brunettes can enhance their hair color— whether natural or dyed— by adding some coffee to their conditioner. Use the same mixing method as the puffy eye remedy to make a paste with your coffee grounds. Then, mix them in with your favorite conditioner and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. When you rinse your hair, it will feel silky smooth and look richer and more vibrant.

If you don’t want to mix it with your conditioner, apply it after shampooing and before conditioning. Scrub your paste into your scalp to exfoliate and improve blood flow, promoting better hair growth. 

Create a Lip Exfoliant

Finally, mix coffee grounds with sugar and coconut oil to make an invigorating lip exfoliant. Use this to get rid of dead skin for a softer, fuller lips. The increased blood flow from the coffee grounds can also make your lips look more supple and luscious. 

With these five simple tricks, you can make coffee a core part of your beauty routine.

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