7 Nutritious Summer Fruit Salads

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Various fruit salads with the title "7 Scrumptious and Healthy Summer Salads."

The greatest thing about seasonal diversity is all the different shoes and outfits you can make, but there’s more than that to it. Some things can only be enjoy for a limited time period each year, which only makes the heart grow fonder. Yes, greenhouses and easy transport have not made all fruit and vegetables available the whole year round. You get the pick of the season each time!

Most people are on a permanent fruit salad waiting list. A sweet summer fruit season is something that they look forward to through the soggy autumn, the stark winter, and the bland spring. Here are some suggestions that will come in handy the next time you get a hankering for some sweet, sweet fruit. Oh, you’re already heading to the marketplace? Good on you!

1. Avocado Fruit Salad

Two bowls of avocado-fruit salad.

According to Buzzfeed and some clean-eating Southerners, avocado is king. You can use it with literally any combination – fruit, veggie or meat – and the results will range anywhere between “thoroughly satisfying” to “best salad ever, why was I blind to the magic until now”.

An avocado fruit salad is both creative and refreshing, and it should definitely consist of an avocado and mint, with whichever other fruit you may please, for absolute refreshment in the hottest summer daze.

2. Fruitini

Fruitinis in pineapples and a glass.

Apart from being a scrumptious summer meal, a fruitini is also a way to express your culinary creativity and originality. This salad consists of all your favorite fruit, be it grapes, bananas, strawberries or sliced kiwi – anything you please. Essentially the fruitini is a fruit platter, so go ahead and simply call it “Mixed Fruit”.

But the charm of a fruitini is not so much its contents, which are guaranteed to be yummy whatever they are. It is about the serving. A traditional fruitini is served in a parfait glass, but fruitoholics worldwide are going on a limb trying to outdo the most interesting serving idea for a simple salad of mixed fruit. So far, I think the mommies teaching their kids to love fruit are winning.

3. Grilled Peach and Mozzarella Salad

Grilled peach and mozzarella salad.

The greatest accomplishments in fruit salad making are those as bold and innovative as a grilled peach and mozzarella salad. He who dares wins, and what better way to dare upon culinary madness than to create delicate combinations out of some fruit and some cheese.

Add some wine, and pray that your touch was on fleek (which they will be if you are combining grilled peach and mozzarella).

4. Tomato and Watermelon Salad

Tomato and watermelon salads.

Another great use for a watermelon would be to make a tomato and watermelon salad. The texture of these two is relatively alike, and it would be good to add some lettuce or some mozzarella into the mix to make it more attractive.

A little dill would be an interesting and spicy addition, as well as some nuts to give it the crunch. In any case, a tomato and watermelon salad is also a fun conversation starter – is it fruit? Is it vegetables? No one knows. Bon appetit!

5. Fruit Salad with Limoncello

Limoncello-fruit salad.

If you want to spice up your day with something slightly Italian, limocello is the liquor for you, and if you combine it with a fruit salad, it’s twice the pleasure. For starters, you will need a lemon yogurt topping, which you can get by whisking together lemon curd, yogurt, vanilla and honey.

Your fruit salad will be made out of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries (see the pattern here?), limoncello and sugar. If you add some bananas, coupled with mango and lime juice, after few minutes you will end up with something that’s spectacular both to eyes and tastebuds.

6. Strawberry and Mango Margarita Compote

Strawberry and mango margarita compote.

We must mention this one because mangoes and strawberries are a match made in heaven. Add a splash of tequila (since we are already in the liquor zone) and lime add will raise the game on whole another level. If you, on the other side, want to skip on the booze, you can still make a great compote by adding fresh orange juice instead. The compote makes for a great addition to a potluck event whether it is family friendly or just the adults.

7. Radiance Fruit Salad

Radiance fruit salad with kiwis, strawberries and cantaloupe

If you are wondering why it’s called “Radiance”, it is because it radiates Vitamins A, B and C, as well as a healthy dose of fibers, manganese and potassium. And where does this healthy bunch come from? Just a few kiwis, strawberries and one big cantaloupe. Cube them all, and place in a small bowl. But that’s not all – whisk up some lime juice, honey and mint. Pour the dressing over the fruit and enjoy – nay, radiate!


Summer is upon us, and regardless of how much we enjoy it, it always seems to last shorter than we would like it to. Make a list of all the things you want to do during the following summer, or better yet, all the new things you would like to try. Do not forget to give some of these fruit salads a deserved place on the list!

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