An Avocado Breakfast Guacamole Recipe

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A bowl of guacamole and vegetables.

This delicious avocado breakfast guacamole is one of a series of healthier breakfasts that will fill you up in the morning and provide high levels of nutrition. Having this instead of cereal or toast will also keep your blood sugar stable and be far more likely to prevent that mid-morning energy slump that so many people experience daily.

While it’s higher in both fat and calories than say a bowl of corn flakes or toast with strawberry jam, the effect it has on your body chemistry is very different.

The primarily monounsaturated fats in avocado are highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health, reducing LDL cholesterol levels and improving your hair and skin. They are also more likely to be used a slow burning energy than polyunsaturated or most saturated fats.

Calories in avocados aren’t nearly as important as their effect on your blood sugar levels. As long as you don’t have this avocado breakfast guacamole on top of a couple of slices of white bread, you are very unlikely to store these calories as body fat.

A spoon being used to scrape the inside of an avocado.

This is because the hormone that is responsible for fat storage, insulin, is not triggered by slow burning, high-fat foods like avocado in the same way that it is by high glycemic carbohydrates like bread.

Now onto the recipe:

Breakfast Guacamole Ingredients for 2

1 ripe Hass avocado. Gently press your thumb into the wider end of the avocado to check for ripeness. It should feel like the tip of your nose if it’s ready. Don’t squeeze the middle of avocados as you’ll only bruise them.

1 large or 2 small vine tomatoes, roughly chopped. Make sure you choose good tomatoes with some color and taste for this recipe, rather than cheaper pale varieties.

Half a lemon, juiced.

1 scallion (spring onion), finely chopped.

1 clove of garlic, crushed.

Himalayan crystal salt and ground black pepper, preferably Tellicherry peppercorns, to season.

Two and a half tomatoes.

How to Make Avocado Breakfast Guacamole

This avocado breakfast should be quick, simple and healthy. I like to have some texture to it so I don’t mash it up as much as some guacamole recipes. You’re of course welcome to go further, depending on what you like, but here’s how I make it.

Start by finely chopping the scallion, especially the thick white end. Chop your tomato to a texture you like with a serrated knife. Do this facing away from you, rather than towards you in case any seeds spurt out.

Cut your avocado in half and gently twist to open it. If you’re making this recipe for one and only want to use half, you can drizzle the side with the seed remaining with a little lemon juice. Wrap it with some cling wrap to keep in the fridge for another meal soon.

Scoop out the pulp with a spoon into a large bowl and roughly mash it up with a fork. Pour the lemon juice over the pulp and fold in the chopped tomato, finely chopped scallion and crushed garlic. Season with Himalayan crystal salt and lots of black pepper from your grinder. Mix it all around again and serve immediately.

Being for breakfast, this guacamole obviously isn’t supposed to be had with corn chips. Some people will think it would go well on bread though. I’d definitely recommend trying it on its own first.

It’s very filling just as it is and white bread can negatively affect your blood sugar levels and promote weight gain. If you really do want to have it on bread, then try much healthier traditional rye bread toasted.

Hand of a woman squeezing a lemon.


I hope you like my avocado breakfast guacamole recipe. It’s probably a little different to the breakfasts most people are used to, but it tastes great and will keep you satisfied in the morning for much longer than grain-based foods.

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  1. For an interesting twist, try switching the lemon for lime and the garlic for fresh coriander. Adding some chili (chopped and deseeded) give it a nice kick too.

    • Hi Mark,

      Those are some healthy additions and you could even add them to this recipe for the ultimate guacamole. Chili in particular will really get you going in the morning and help promote body fat metabolism.


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