Benefits of Raw Butter & Why to Avoid Pasteurized Dairy

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A cup of buttery liquid next to butter cubes and a jar of oil with the title "Benefits of Raw Butter"

Dietary fat is often villainized, when it should be celebrated and praised. It’s one of the three vital macronutrients that the body requires in order to function properly. Amongst many other things, fat plays a key role in the endocrine system–which is responsible for producing every hormone circulated through the body and bloodstream. Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers that help maintain homeostasis and balance.

What Is Raw Butter?

Raw butter.

Raw butter is unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized and unhomogenised butter fat which comes from cream. This means that raw butter contains all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that nature intended it to contain. The aforementioned processes strip and denature the make up of the butter such that it is no longer the nutritional powerhouse it once was.

Contrary to popular belief, pasteurized dairy products are to blame for the wide spread intolerance of lactose and casein. The lactose and casein are perhaps not the problem. The problem lies in the manipulated dairy products. Raw butter (as well as raw milk) is completely safe and can be a huge contribution to your overall well being.

Benefits of Raw Butter

A spoon of raw butter next to a jar of raw butter.

Raw butter is a fantastic source of fat for the body and boasts a wide range of health benefits including:

  • Rich source of Vitamin A, which is crucial to thyroid health
  • Contains lauric acid, which can help digestive problems like candida
  • Combats cancer cell formation due to a high antioxidant content
  • Natural content of vitamin D helps facilitate the absorption of calcium
  • Boost oral health; can help prevent tooth decay, plaque build up and cavity formation
  • Contains iodine, which the body uses in the thyroid for proper functioning
  • Helps boost overall endocrine health; as healthy fats help facilitate hormone discpursement throughout the body
  • Improves the look and health of your complexion
  • Helps meet your daily recommended value of good fats, thus helping keep your macronutrients in balance

Raw Butter: Much Healthier Alternative to Pasteurized Butter

A spoon of raw butter next to a jar of raw butter.

Pasteurized dairy products are merely everywhere. These products, contrary to what the masses have been trained to believe, are not produced or packaged to benefit our health. They often contain hormones and artificial ingredients added to increase the shelf life of the product. Pasteurized dairy has also been heated (which denatures the proteins and decreases its nutrient content) and artificially boosted with synthetic (not naturally-occuring in milk) vitamins and minerals to replace what’s been stripped out of the milk.

Why would big box dairy companies do this? This happens because money and profits still drive much of the food industry–thus, we are deceived into thinking that this milk is good for us when it’s made entirely to increase profit margins. The end product is something that can withstand more time in the refrigerator–but is in no way good for you.

Pasteurized milk and butter are an unfortunate norm. Luckily, you can take the initiative to research your local farms and hopefully find sources of these raw superfoods for you and your family to thrive off of. It’s the tragic reality that raw dairy is illegal to sell for human consumption in most US states.

Other countries are much farther ahead of the game than the US is, as raw dairy is readily availble in some countries and is in high demand. Hopefully the people of every nation will eventually be given access to what’s within their right to have access to: high-quality, nourishing food

Support Your Local Farmers

Though retail sale of raw dairy products is prohibited in many states, some states are allowed to sell from farms (with limitations still put on promoting this). Some farmers will market their raw milk for pets, but it is extremely healthy for humans as well.

As time passes, the hope is that there will be more awareness about the contents of pasteurized milk and the benefits of raw milk. This will perhaps help increase the amount of farmers who are bottling and selling raw milk; thus making it more accessible to the vast majority of people.

Do consider sharing this article on Facebook so that we can spread awareness of this and hopefully bring about change in our government which will allow us to once again make our own informed choices without the government treating us like children.

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