Best Amino Acids for Hair Growth

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Graphic of a hair follicle with the title "Best Amino Acids For Hair Growth"

Each and every one of us loses a small amount of hair daily. Around one hundred hairs in fact. This sounds scary but it’s a natural shedding process that allows our hair to regenerate itself.

One thing that can ensure the growth of strong, healthy hair is keratin.

Keratin is a protein made up of amino acids. These little building blocks are in every cell of our bodies and some of them our body cannot naturally produce. They are essential, meaning we can only get them from our diet.

But what are the best amino acids for hair growth? Read on to find out.

Who Needs Amino Acids?

The answer to that question is: everybody.

Regardless of who you are, all of your cells contain proteins and of course amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

There are over 500 known amino acids although only 20 are found in our bodies and from those 20, nine are not produced in our bodies.

These essential amino acids have important functions in the body. We must make sure that we source enough either through our diet or supplementation.

If you suffer from thin or slow-growing hair, there are many ways in which an amino acid supplement can be of assistance. I’m going to explain the science behind this below.

Amino Acids and Hair Growth

Two of the essential amino acids – methionine and lysine – make up the protein keratin. Also important is a good supply of collagen, which is stimulated by lysine.

Two non-essential amino acids which are also imperative to the growth of your locks are arginine and glutamine.

Although these amino acids are naturally produced within the human body, their production tends to slow with age. This is why supplementing all four amino acids can be beneficial for hair growth.

It’s important to note that not only do amino acids make up keratin, but they also play an important role in the creation of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the hair follicles which stimulates healthy hair growth.


Unfortunately, hair loss can happen to anyone at anytime. A lot of it is down to genetics. If your father was bald by his mid 30s, there is a good chance the apple won’t fall far from the tree.

Although amino acids can assist hair growth, that doesn’t mean they can cure male-pattern baldness.

There are also a number of non hereditary factors which long or short term hair loss. Stress and hormonal changes can play a huge part. Many women find their hair thinning excessively during and after pregnancy as well as during the menopause.

In the case of genetics, boosting your amino acid supply is not a miracle cure. You can not go to bed like Bruce Willis and wake up like Rapunzel. I know, devastating right? But what it might do is boost your natural hair growth to its maximum potential.

How To Boost Your Amino Acid Intake

There are many amino acid rich foods you can add to your diet. This will help you boost your reserves a little.

These foods in particular are rich in methionine and lysine:

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Lean meats
  • Cheese
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Leafy greens

Nevertheless, you can also boost your amino acids (specifically those that support hair growth) with the use of supplements.

Fish with pepper and olive oil.

What To Look For In An Amino Acid Supplement

When choosing an amino acid supplement, look for one specifically for hair growth. There are vast amounts of amino acid supplements on the market which are all designed for specific use.

Supplement Form

There are a number of options available – some in the form of capsules and some in liquid form. Which you prefer is simply down to personal preference.


Some supplements geared towards hair growth include other ingredients such as biotin, vitamins and herbs all of which claiming to aid hair growth.

Personally prefer supplements which are pure. So if I want an amino acid supplement, that is all I want to be inside of it. With that in mind, if you are for example looking for both an amino acid supplement as well as a biotin supplement, finding one product that delivers both will be a bonus

The Best Amino Acids for Hair Growth

I’ve taken a look at the products out there offering to boost your amino acids and give you luscious locks. There are quite a few, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top five.

I’ve tried to highlight what sets them apart, while offering a list of pros and cons for each. I will also leave you with my overall favorite.

What’s The Best Amino Acid Supplement For Hair Growth?

Although most of the products offer a good source of amino acids and users found them helpful, I personally I like the Hairfluence brand.

The main selling point is that it’s been used by so many people who have seen big results.

If you have tried any of the products I’ve reviewed please feel free to share your experience with me in the comments below. Getting personal feedback from our readers is great and helps others make informed decisions when choosing a supplement.

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