Top 5 Best Epilators for Men in 2023 for Smooth, Healthy Skin

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A young woman caressing a young man's smooth face in bed after he used the best epilators for men.

There’s no disputing that generally it’s men who are the hairier sex. Women may have other things to cope with, but many guys find shaving a bit of a bind, especially if there are reasons why they have to do it every day—to create a polished appearance for work, for example.

In recent years, scientists and manufacturers have made huge advances in hair removal technology resulting in many more hair removal options, most of which can now be done at home, rather than having to go to a professional.

But what if there’s an alternative to shaving every day?

More and more men are exploring alternative hair removal options. Epilation is one alternative which can produce superior results when compared with shaving.

So let’s find out what the deal is with home epilators; what they are, how they work, and are they any good?

What Is an Epilator?

An epilator is an electrical device which has a number of tweezer-like heads fitted onto a larger head which attaches on the top of the electrical unit.

As the head rotates, the tweezers open and close. When held close to the skin, tweezers pluck the hairs out by the root—it’s like a mechanical plucking machine.

Who Needs an Epilator?

To be honest, anyone who wants to remove body hair. Epilators work equally well on men and women, although many of them are primarily aimed at women.

There isn’t a whole lot of information out there about epilation specifically for men, but a hair is a hair whether it grows on a woman or a man. So there’s no reason for men not to try epilation if they want to…and there are some excellent reasons for giving it a go.

Advantages of Epilation

There are some definite advantages over other hair removal methods. Here are the main plus points of using an epilator:


Hair removal can be an expensive business. With shaving, if you buy a new full razor every year and assuming each blade lasts for a week, that’s a spend of around $140 per year. Over a lifetime, that adds up to thousands of dollars.

In contrast the cost of the epilators we reviewed ranged from less than $30 to a smidgen under $80. Depending on how often you use your epilator, and the model you buy, an epilator can last for several years, and there are replacement heads available for many models

Lasting Results

Because epilation removes hairs from the root, you can expect a similar hair re-growth rate to that of waxing. Compared to shaving, epilator hair removal lasts much longer; it can take two weeks or more before you start to see regrowth.

When you epilate regularly, over time the hair follicles become damaged, which can result in finer regrowth. Some people find that regrowth stops completely with regular epilation.

Less Mess

Using an epilator is far less messy than, for example, shaving or waxing. Usually used on dry skin, you don’t need to use any water or shaving cream with an epilator. In addition, epilation doesn’t leave any chemicals or residue on the skin after use.


There’s a wide range of epilators designed for home use, which means you can epilate in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you instead of an expensive trip to the barbers or salon.

Epilators can generally be used on any area of the body, but it’s best to check if your epilator is suitable for the main area you want to focus on.

They’re small enough to fit in your hand, so they’re ideal for travelling with and are quick and easy to use; which is great if you spot a little re-growth in one specific area.

How to Use an Epilator

When you first get your epilator, it’ll probably need to be charged up for several hours before it’s ready to use. This is normal, and subsequent charges tend to take a lot less time.

Hold the epilator so that it feels comfortable in your hand. There’s no need to grip it tightly.

Epilation works better and is less painful when the hairs are shorter, so you may need to trim your hair first. Some epilators come with different attachments to enable you to do this.

Before you epilate, hold a hot washcloth or towel against the treatment area for about three minutes. This helps to soften the hairs and open the pores and hair follicles which makes hair removal easier and less painful.

Hold the head of the epilator at a 90-degree angle to the body part being treated. Move the epilator in a straight line against the direction of hair growth. This can be painful at first, but many users find the pain decreases with regular use.

After you’ve finished your hair removal, apply a light, non-perfumed moisturizer to keep the skin healthy and supple.

Precautions for Use

  • Don’t expose the main epilator body to water.
  • Epilation is painful, especially the first couple of times; if you can’t stand the pain, epilation may not be for you.
  • Epilation can cause redness and bumps which should fade; consider epilating in the evening to allow your skin to recover.
  • Clean your epilator thoroughly after each use.

What Is the Best Epilator for Men?

Many of the epilators on the market are aimed at women, but all are suitable for any user, regardless of gender. Unfortunately for the guys, because of the gender bias regarding marketing, many epilators come in pretty girly colors.

We’ve probably researched all the products on the market, and managed to select five for closer inspection. These products all work well on men, and we’ve tried to avoid the Barbie pink color while listing all of the pros and cons of each machine. Take a look and make your choice!

Our Choice

Of all the products reviewed, our top pick for the best epilator for men is the Totoose Electric Epilator Four-in-One. It’s very stylish, available in dark purple and white, which is a bit more masculine than some other epilators. Users found this epilator comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Many people commented on the great design, and the LED light made it so much easier to see things close up. Users were generally surprised at the low level of pain when using this machine, which is always a good thing, and as the least expensive epilator, there’s little doubt that this machine is excellent value for money.

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