What Are the Best Hair Vitamins for Black Hair Growth in 2023?

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Hairstyles change with the seasons, but one thing remains constant – long hair is always “in.” While it might look effortlessly beautiful on someone like Beyoncé, women with black hair know it’s not always easy to grow out healthy locks.

Taking good care of our hair is one key to helping it grow long and strong, but the right supplements can also give you an added boost. If you use one of the best hair vitamins for black hair daily, your hair may grow faster and have more shine, volume, and strength than before.

Is Black Hair Harder to Grow?

One common statistic you’ve probably heard is that hair grows six inches per year. While that might be true for some, science has shown us that how fast hair grows can vary widely based on many factors including race, diet, stress, medications, and hormone fluctuations. (source)

One study published in the International Journal of Dermatology discovered that race might play a large role in the rate of hair growth. Female participants of Asian descent saw an average of 6 inches of growth annually, while African American women saw 4 inches and Caucasian ladies saw 5 inches over the same term. (source)

Diet and nutrition also play a large role in both hair growth and hair loss. Studies have shown that nutritional deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids can make it difficult to grow long hair. (source) Supplementing with a good vitamin formulated to fill in these nutritional gaps may be a way to make hair grow faster and longer.

What Ingredients Help Promote Black Hair Growth?

There are a variety of vitamins and minerals that can help stimulate hair follicles to grow. The best vitamins for black hair will have some, or all of these ingredients to produce the best results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C isn’t just good for your defenses. It’s a key nutrient that assists with collagen production, an important protein that helps to grow healthy hair, nails, and skin.

Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties that fight against free radical damage. If your hair is weak or brittle and breaks easily, you may need to supplement with vitamin C.

Vitamin B Complex

There are eight separate B vitamins that are part of the vitamin B-complex, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, and B12. B vitamins as a whole play a vital role in our energy systems, metabolism, muscles, nerves, nails, skin, and hair. As it relates to hair growth, they promote growth and division of cells, and in adequate amounts can help hair grow more quickly.

B vitamins are water soluble, which means they can’t be stored by the body over time. To get the benefits, supplements that contain B vitamins need to be taken daily.


Another of the B vitamins, Niacin plays a different role in the body and is responsible for nourishment of the scalp by helping to promote blood circulation. (source) A healthy scalp leads to health hair that isn’t brittle or dry and has less of a chance of falling out or breaking.


Another crucial B vitamin, Biotin is one of the most popular supplements on the market that promotes faster hair growth. When taken in a hair vitamin, it helps the body produce glucose and to process proteins and break them down into amino acids. (source)

Hair is made up of many elements, including a form of protein, keratin. By enabling the body to better produce keratin, biotin promotes healthy hair growth. (source)

For a more detailed description on how your body can utilize Biotin to grow hair, check out this informational video from Dr. James Meschino.

Vitamin E

When used topically and massaged into the scalp, vitamin E can encourage hair growth. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to build and repair tissue, and when taken orally it can also support healthy, shiny locks. (source)


Iron is a mineral that is crucial to growing strong hair. If you have thin or dried out black hair, it’s possible you might have an iron deficiency. Oral supplements that include iron can sometimes cause stomach upset, so it’s important that they be taken with food for best results.


A little dose of zinc can pack a big punch. The vitamin is responsible for maintaining your immune defenses, assisting with digestion, and regulating your hormones. Fluctuations in hormones can wreak havoc on your hair and in some people it can lead to hair loss. Ensuring you get enough zinc in your diet is a good way to grow healthy black hair.

Marine Protein Supplement (MPS)

In addition to the list of well-known substances that can help promote hair growth, there are a few other compounds that have shown positive results in scientific studies.

Oral marine protein supplements combine shark cartilage and mollusk powder and have been shown in two separate clinical studies to provide natural nourishment to hair. Subjects in the studies saw improvements in thinning hair by both stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss. (source)

Peppermint Oil

When used topically, peppermint oil has generated significant hair growth effects in research studies. While it’s not a vitamin or mineral, it’s an ingredient you may find in many supplements for black hair that can help you grow thicker, stronger hair. In one study, peppermint oil produced better results than other topical hair growth products. (source)

Who Should Use Hair Vitamins for Black Hair Growth?

Both men and women with black hair might have a difficult time maintaining thick, healthy tresses. You might be a good candidate to use one of the best vitamins for black hair growth if you:

  • Experience hair thinning or hair loss
  • Have dry or brittle hair
  • Discover that your hair breaks easily
  • Use heated styling tools like blowdryers or curling irons daily
  • Chemically treat your hair by perming or straightening frequently
  • Want to grow longer, thicker hair
  • Desire more shine, body, or volume in your hair

And the Winner Is…

Every supplement on our list has many elements that make it a top contender. Each provides a daily dose of vitamins that can promote hair growth, but one stands out from the rest in my opinion.

Schwartz Bioresearch Fast Acting Women’s Growth and Shine meets our criteria to be our top pick to be the best hair vitamin for black hair growth. It delivers large doses of many clinically-proven ingredients without the fillers and additives found in other products. It’s also friendly for vegetarians. Healthy black hair starts from the inside, and this supplement will help you get the style you desire.

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