The Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabbers in 2023

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If you struggle with reaching things or gripping items it’s going to make life difficult and it’s also frustrating. Many people find lifting things such as tins or bottles tricky for various reasons but there’s a tool that can help. Using a heavy duty reacher grabber enables you to carry out various tasks.

I use a heavy duty reacher grabber everyday when I’m picking up litter from my yard. Due to an old back injury I sometimes find it difficult to bend down and the tool makes life much easier. I’ve also used my reacher grabber to put items in the top boxes of my closet which is very high up.

Heavy duty reacher grabbers aren’t expensive and are easy to use. They take up very little space and using one is a simple way to make life easier.

Below is a link to a short YouTube video that shows how easy it is to use a reacher grabber in the home:

Who Needs to Use a Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber?

If you’re not very tall you may have difficulty reaching items that are high up on shelves in the home or in supermarkets. Using a heavy duty reacher grabber is a good way to avoid having to stretch and struggle to reach. Most of the reacher grabbers are suitable for picking up items such as tins, jars and other everyday objects.

Disabled people can also benefit from using heavy duty reacher grabbers when carrying out everyday tasks. If you have limited movement a heavy duty reacher grabber allows you to pick up things that are out of reach. Using the reacher grabber will make your life easier and it’s safer than struggling to reach for items.

Elderly people also use heavy duty reacher grabbers when their mobility is limited or when their grip is poor. Many elderly people aren’t as mobile due to old age and will struggle to reach things. Grip may also be affected in older people due to arthritis and a reacher grabber gives back some independence.

You can also use a reacher grabber when you’ve suffered from an injury or when you’ve had surgery. Following an injury or surgery you may not be able to move as usual and a reacher grabber may come in handy. A heavy duty reacher grabber is particularly useful for people with back and shoulder injuries.

A heavy duty reacher grabber is also a very useful tool for picking up litter or garden debris. Using a reacher grabber means that you don’t have to bend down when picking up litter from your yard. It’s also much more hygenic to use a reacher grabber as you won’t be touching debris and litter with your hands.

How Does a Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Work?

A heavy duty reacher grabber is basically an extension of your arm which allows you to reach things easier. The tools have a shaft with a handle at one end and a pair of jaws at the other end which are connected with a length of string or cable. A heavy duty reacher grabber is more sturdy and durable than a standard tool.

When you want to lift an item you place the jaws around the object. The trigger is then squeezed and the jaws will close around the item to be picked up. The item can then be moved and the jaws will open up when the trigger is released.

A reacher grabber also grips objects that may be difficult to hold on to for some people. Most of the reacher grabber tools have jaws that are fitted with rubber grips that securely hold on to an object. Some of the reacher grabbers also have suction cups fitted to the jaws for extra grip.

How Do I Choose a Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber?

Before you buy a heavy duty reacher grabber you should think about what you’re going to use it for. You’ll need to make sure that the device is long enough to reach the things that need to be picked up. The length of grabbers varies and there should be one that’s suitable for your needs.

The shaft on the reacher grabber should be strong so that is doesn’t bend when lifting heavier objects. If the shaft bends it may break and it also puts extra stress on your forearm. You’re using a reacher grabber to make life easier and it’s important that it’s comfortable to use.

Buy a heavy duty reacher grabber that’s well made with sturdy jaws so that it’s fit for purpose. If the jaws are weak or poorly made they won’t grip properly and objects may be dropped or damaged. The jaws also need to open wide enough to pick up the items that you want to retrieve.

Choose a heavy duty reacher grabber that has a comfortable handle with an easy-to-use trigger mechanism. If you’ve purchased a reacher grabber because your grip is poor you’ll want an easy-to-use trigger. The trigger shouldn’t require too much pressure to pull it and hold it whilst you pick up an object.

Buy a reacher grabber that’s made from lightweight materials such as aluminum so that it’s easy to hold. A heavy duty reacher grabber that’s too heavy is going to put unnecessary stress and strain on your arm. A lightweight reacher grabber is going to be much easier to hold and use than one that‘s heavy.

Below is a checklist of things to look for when you’re choosing a suitable heavy duty reacher grabber:

  • Check the length of the reacher grabber.
  • Buy a tool with a strong shaft.
  • Look for a grabber with sturdy jaws.
  • Choose a tool with a comfortable handle.
  • Buy a reacher grabber that’s lightweight.

What Is the Best Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber?

We’ve looked at a number of heavy duty reacher grabbers on the market and selected five. The main points we looked at were quality, price, length, level of grip and ease of use. We’ve reviewed these five heavy duty reacher grabbers and highlighted some pros and cons for each device.

Our Choice

All of the reacher grabber tools that we’ve looked at are suitable for picking up small or large items. They’re all similar in design and similarly priced. Each reacher grabber is easy to use and they all have a reasonable grip for holding on to various items.

After comparing the products the best heavy duty reacher grabber is the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber.

This heavy duty reacher grabber is reasonably priced and has a good level of grip due to the suction cups that are fitted. The reacher grabber is lightweight, well made and easy to operate. We also like the manufacturer’s attention to small details such as adding a convenient hanger.

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