The Best Insoles for Running in 2023

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Runners with best insoles for running in their shoes, starting off a marathon.

While running is a simple and very beneficial form of exercise, it can cause considerable wear and tear on the joints and muscles of the body. The best insoles for running have cushioning and shock-absorbing features, which can help to relieve and prevent numerous issues.

What Are Insoles for Running?

Insoles for running are inserts for your shoes that are designed to alleviate pain from various issues caused by running. They can also help to prevent these problems from developing or worsening over time.

These issues are predominantly caused by repeated impact on the joints and ligaments, particularly in the lower legs and feet. They include bone stress injuries like stress fractures, as well as shin splints, heel spurs, tendonitis, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis. Other conditions that can be caused or made worse by running include arch and heel pain, corns, blisters and foot fatigue.

The following youtube video discusses some common running injuries, how these occur and how they can be prevented:

How do Insoles for Running Work?

Insoles for running work in a variety of ways, with features that are beneficial for different foot types and different issues caused by running. Arch support helps to keep your feet and legs in correct alignment and prevent over pronation, and motion control prevents sideways movement in the feet.

A considerable amount of cushioning in these products, often made from gel components, helps to reduce the level of impact on the joints in your leg. A top layer of foam which can mold to the contours of your foot helps to absorb shock effectively; this also aids in reducing wear and tear on the legs.

Who Needs the Best Insoles for Running?

The best insoles for running can be used by runners of all levels, and they’re also beneficial for people who do a lot of hiking, walking or simply spend long periods of time standing on their feet.

It’s important to consult with a foot specialist to help you establish whether or not you need a product of this type, as insoles that are unnecessary or incorrect for your condition can cause more harm than good.

What Is the Best Way to Use Insoles for Running?

Insoles for running are easy to use and can be inserted quickly before use. First you need to remove the factory insoles from your shoes to allow sufficient space for the new insole.

Then you can insert your new insole and check to see if it needs any size adjustment. If this is the case then there may already be outlines on the product for different sizes, or you can create your own using your foot or the original insole as a guide.

Insert your new insoles following the manufacturer’s instructions for correct positioning, and they’re ready to use straight away. Insoles for running should last up to six months, depending on how high your level of usage is.

How Do I Choose the Best Insoles for Running?

Whether you have specific conditions that need addressing or just want some extra cushioning for long hours spent on your feet, it’s always best to consult with a podiatrist or medical professional before purchasing insoles for running as they can advise you on which features will be most beneficial for you.

Insoles for running feature a high level of cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas, and some products may have a foam surface that molds to the shape of your foot or specially developed components that provide effective shock absorption. Insoles for running often include built-in support for the arch area of your foot, and motion control features prevent side to side movement of the foot and over pronation.

The materials used to manufacture these products have their own features and benefits; a non-slip base to the insole will prevent it from moving around inside your shoe, moisture wicking helps to keep your feet dry, and odor-preventing treatments help to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Insoles for running are either manufactured to fit a certain shoe size, or trimmable to allow you to customize them. They may feature airflow channels to help keep your feet cool, and most products are washable and durable, even with regular usage.

What Are the Benefits of the Best Insoles for Running?

The best insoles for running can offer numerous benefits to people of all activity levels. The main benefit is the absorption of excess shock and a reduction in the level of impact exerted on the musculoskeletal system. These products also help to keep your feet and legs in correct alignment while standing, walking or running, and can prevent injuries and the development of conditions such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

The best insoles for running can improve your performance levels when exercising, and extend the life of your running shoes as the insoles can be used to replace the original sole in your shoe when it has worn out. On top of this, the best insoles for running can include many features that keep your feet cool, dry and odor free.

What Are the Best Insoles for Running?

With such a wide variety of both custom made orthotics and ready to wear insoles available, choosing the best insoles for running can be very difficult. We’ve covered all of the hard yards for you by evaluating five insoles for running products currently available, and evaluating each of these on their features, quality, value for money and overall benefit.

Our Choice

After thoroughly evaluating our selected products on their quality, effectiveness, price and features, our choice for the best insoles for running are the MOISO Gel Sports Comfort Cuttable Insoles for Shock Absorption. As well as being more cost effective than all of the other products we looked at, these insoles for running had numerous features and benefits which made them stand out from the rest.

MOISO Gel Sports Comfort Cuttable Insoles for Shock Absorption contain massaging gel components which cushion and mold to all areas of the foot, as well as a neutral arch to support and stabilize all arch types, and unique shock-absorbing honeycomb-like areas which also help to reduce stress from impact. This product didn’t cause any added discomfort like Dr Scholl’s insoles and had better arch support than many of the other products including the New Balance insoles.

MOISO Gel Sports Comfort Cuttable Insoles for Shock Absorption are beneficial for numerous running injuries and conditions, and they also improve performance and reduce pain levels. They’re made from high-quality material, fit well in all kinds of sports shoes and are durable and long lasting, unlike the Powerstep and Sof Sol models.

This combination of high quality, features, price and effectiveness in relieving and managing injuries and conditions caused by running makes MOISO Gel Sports Comfort Cuttable Insoles for Shock Absorption our choice for the best insoles for running on the market today.

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