What Is the Best Korean Moisturizer in 2024?

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A young woman smiling in a forest with amazing skin after applying the best korean moisturizer.

For many years the Western world has been fascinated by the Korean beauty secrets of the Far East. North Korea may be famous for its missiles, but South Korea is famous for its beauty companies and their innovations. The best Korean moisturizer will help you to achieve that youthful and all-day-long dewy look often associated with those Korean beauties we see on Fashion TV.

Korean skincare routines are nothing like Western ones, and often include 10 steps or more. The Korean climate can be very dry at certain times of the year and cold at others, so moisturizing is a core element of their skin care. The following Youtube video asks which is best, Korean or American skincare?

If you want to achieve that K-beauty dewy glow, the one product you can’t skip is a good moisturizer. Let’s take a look at what makes the best Korean moisturizer, snail guts and all, while recommending five of the most popular products.

Best Korean Moisturizer

Where does one start when looking for the best Korean moisturizer? There are so many exotic sounding names, so many different ingredients you may have not previously heard of, it can be very confusing. We’ve looked at some of the top-selling highly recommended K beauty moisturizing products to bring you five of what we consider to be the best Korean moisturizers you can buy.

Our Choice

Those Korean girls are certainly doing something right. Some of the ingredients may seem a bit out there, but if it achieves that dewy and bouncy look so familiar in K Beauty products, then the sacrifice is worth it…right?! In our opinion, the best Korean moisturizer is MIZON Black Snail All-in-One Cream. Not only do you get all the benefits of a quality moisturizer but you also get to sample the snail mucus filtrate which works wonders on the skin.

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