The Best Mouse Devices for Tennis Elbow in 2023

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A person using the best mouse device for tennis elbow.

If you suffer from a condition called tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) you’ll probably experience some pain and discomfort. You don’t need to be Roger Federer or Serena Williams to get tennis elbow. Most cases of tennis elbow are caused by repetitive strain and people who spend time using a computer mouse can develop the condition.

Tennis elbow can develop when the muscles and tendons that connect your forearm to your elbow are strained. Tendons can get damaged due to repetitive motion and the muscles can also suffer tiny tears. This damage results in some inflammation on the outside of the elbow which will then need to be treated and rested.

As someone who spends many hours working on a laptop and desktop computer I tend to use an ergonomically designed mouse most of the time. I started using the mouse due to a wrist problem and have continued to use it. A medical study was carried out that concluded spending more than 20 hours per week on a computer can lead to users developing tennis elbow.

Below is a link to a short YouTube video that explains in some detail about tennis elbow:

Who Needs to Use a Mouse for Tennis Elbow?

Anyone who has tennis elbow can benefit from using an ergonomic mouse rather than a standard mouse or laptop trackpad. A ergonomic mouse isn’t going to cure your condition but you should be able to use your computer more comfortably. The mouse will keep your wrist and forearm in the correct position while the tendons are healing.

Gamers are particularly susceptible to tennis elbow due to the amount of time they spend on the computer. Due to the nature of some of the games a lot of hand and arm movement is needed to control the mouse. Using an ergonomic mouse when gaming should be more comfortable and better for your tendons and muscles.

You can also use a vertical or ergonomic mouse to prevent tennis elbow in the first place. Using a mouse that gives some support and one that’s comfortable to use will keep all parts of your arm in the correct position. Good posture is important in all parts of the body and particularly in the hand, wrist and arms of regular computer users.

If you’ve successfully recovered from tennis elbow it’s still worth using an ergonomically designed mouse. The mouse will help to prevent your condition returning in the future. The mouse will also be beneficial to your hand and wrist where other small injuries and strains can occur when working on computers.

How Does a Mouse for Tennis Elbow Work?

An ergonomic mouse will keep your hand, wrist and forearm in the correct position. This good posture means that your muscles and tendons don’t have to work so hard to operate the mouse. A standard mouse puts excess strain on the muscles and tendons which may cause or aggravate tennis elbow.

Because an ergonomic mouse is shaped to fit the human hand they’re more suitable for people with tennis elbow. The moulded design allows the mouse to fit more naturally into the hand. Using less grip and pressure to use the mouse may allow your tennis elbow to heal quicker or prevent the condition in the first place.

How Do I Choose a Mouse for Tennis Elbow?

Choose a mouse that’s a suitable size so you’re able to use it comfortably. Your hand should be able to rest on the mouse so it’s supported at the correct angle. You shouldn’t have to grip the mouse too tightly to hold on to it to move it around.

Ensure that you buy a mouse with enough buttons for your uses plus a scroll wheel or ball. A mouse will usually have left and right buttons and a scroll wheel and some also have extra buttons. A mouse that has forward and back buttons is a good option as it makes the mouse more versatile.

If you buy a contoured mouse make sure it’s contoured for the hand that’s going to be using it. The mouse will be contoured to fit either the left or right hand and won’t be suitable for both. Some of the vertical mouse devices aren’t contoured and these can be used by left or right-handed users.

You should also check that the mouse is compatible with your desktop computer or laptop. Most products are compatible with Windows and Mac but it’s worth checking before you make a purchase. Some buttons may not work with the Mac operating system.

Select a mouse that’ll work on different surfaces rather than one that only works on a mouse mat. A decent vertical or ergonomic mouse should work on most surfaces without affecting its performance.

Purchase a mouse that’s well made with good-quality materials that are durable. A mouse may be used for many hours at a time and it needs to be well built. A poorly made mouse won’t last and may not perform as it should.

Take some time to think about what you’re going to be doing with the mouse and where you use your computer. If you use a desktop then a wired mouse is suitable but if you work on a laptop then a wireless mouse is a better option. If you go for a wireless mouse remember that it needs the correct type of batteries.

Below is a quick checklist which may help when you’re choosing a mouse for tennis elbow:

  • Buy a mouse that’s a suitable size.
  • Ensure that the mouse is comfortable in hand.
  • Use a mouse that’s compatible with your computer.
  • Buy a mouse that’s well made and durable.
  • Use a mouse that works on different surfaces.

What Is the Best Mouse for Tennis Elbow?

We looked at a number of products that are suitable for people with tennis elbow. When looking at each mouse we looked at price, quality and the ease of use. We reviewed five products and pointed out some pros and cons for each one.

Our Choice

Each mouse that we reviewed is ergonomically designed to keep the hand and forearm in the correct position. They all help people with tennis elbow and have similar functions. All of the products are compatible with both Windows and Mac machines and are in a similar price range.

After looking at each product in detail the best mouse for tennis elbow is the VicTsing 2,4G Wireless Vertical Mouse.

This well-built mouse is lightweight, easy to set up and use and it’s reasonably priced. The mouse is versatile due to the six buttons and scroll ball and the power-saving mode will keep battery costs at a minimum. We particularly liked that useful little slot for storing the USB plug when the mouse isn’t in use.

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