What Are the Best Probiotics for Acne and Skin?

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Probiotics are a solution to acne that you might not have thought of before! Many people make the mistake of only focusing on the surface symptoms when it comes to treating acne, but it’s just as important to treat the root cause.

Probiotics serve this function, helping your immune system and fighting the harmful bacteria that cause acne. If you struggle with your skin, then find out about the best probiotics for acne and skin that will make a difference.

How Will Probiotics Improve My Skin?

People often think of bacteria as being harmful. However, there are trillions of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system at any given moment, comprised of hundreds of species. These bacteria are crucial for your digestion and overall health.

A woman cleaning her skin with a pad.The relationship between the human body and its gut flora is mutually beneficial.

The body provides the bacteria with plenty of food along with a safe place to live, and in return the bacteria help to digest food, absorb nutrients, and keep out harmful bacteria.

Having a healthy and balanced gut flora is important for regular digestion, immune function, and overall well-being.

People with acne are often prescribed antibiotic medications. While these certainly can be effective for clearing acne, antibiotics also kill off much of the good intestinal bacteria along with the harmful bacteria. For this reason, it’s especially important for people who have acne to use probiotics, so that they can maintain a balanced gut flora spectrum.

Over time, more and more health benefits of probiotics have been discovered. One of these benefits is that taking a probiotic supplement can help reduce skin conditions such as acne, but also eczema and rosacea.

Several small studies from Korea, Russia, and Italy have found that using probiotics in conjunction with traditional acne treatments increases the rate of healing. Probiotics also seem to help fight skin aging, by hydrating, reducing sun damage, and improving the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Pro Tip:

Finnish researchers discovered that pregnant women who took probiotics during the month leading up to birth had babies with a decreased risk of eczema, and another study demonstrated that infants with eczema had less diverse gut flora than those without it. (source)

The data suggests that probiotics are most effective for reducing acne when they are working synergistically with other treatments. You can make the most of your probiotic supplements by continuing to have good hygiene, moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer, and use treatments such as tea tree oil, a vitamin C serum, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or prescription medications.

However, if you’re taking a prescription medication, be sure to consult your doctor before starting a new supplement.

How to Choose a Skin-Improving Probiotic

Arguably, the most important factor when choosing a probiotic supplement is the number of organisms per serving. This number is indicated on labels by “CFU”, or colony-forming units. The higher the CFU, the more effective the supplement will be.

You should look for a supplement that has a high number of different strains of bacteria. Each species of bacteria confers different advantages, so the more you can get, the better. Using a supplement with multiple strains is especially important for replenishing your gut flora if you use antibiotics, or if you have in the past.

Look for pills or capsules that are designed to be acid-resistant or slow-release. Ideally, as many bacteria as possible should reach your intestines – where they are needed. Your stomach contains harsh acids that can kill off your probiotics before they can act, so the way your supplement is engineered is important.

Pro Tip:

Acne is linked to having low levels of zinc and vitamins A and E. (source)

Many of the best probiotics for acne and skin contain such ingredients, and you may be able to save some money as well as not have to swallow as many pills.

Here’s a video explaining how to know if you would benefit from a supplement containing zinc.

Lastly, if you’re buying your probiotic supplements online it’s important to choose a supplement that does not require refrigeration. This is because the organisms in supplements that require refrigeration can die during shipping if the package gets too warm. Alternatively, you can purchase your probiotics online during winter.



For the most effective holistic treatment of acne, my favorite is Nu-Derm Products Clear-Biotic. Acne treatments are most effective when combined with other acne treatments, and this supplement is no exception. It provides several beneficial vitamins along with probiotics.

Clear-Biotic contains vitamin A to promote rapid healing, vitamin C to ensure healthy tissue, vitamin E to retain a youthful appearance, and riboflavin to reduce inflammation. Clear-Biotic is good for acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and although it only contains 4 strains, the fact that it has 20 billion organisms per serving along with four extra nutrients means that it should be highly effective in combating acne and other skin conditions in an all-natural way.

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