What Are the Best Probiotics for Leaky Gut?

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A person with inflammation in his gut with the title "What are the best probiotics for Leaky Gut?"

Have you heard of leaky gut? While medical science definitely isn’t in agreement on this problem, many Americans are seeking a way to effectively treat the condition.

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms I’ll be discussing in this article, you may want to look into the best probiotics for leaky gut. I’m going to give you the complete run-down on the top brands on the market today to help you make an informed decision.

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut isn’t an officially recognized diagnosis. It isn’t taught to med school students, and most doctors likely aren’t going to tell patients that the problems they have are due to leaky gut. However, it has gained a foothold in online circles as a condition that could be behind many health issues.

While leaky gut is a rather gray area in the world of medicine, physicians know that it exists. Recent revelations about the extremely important role the gut (digestive tract) plays in overall health have forced our race to accept that there’s still an awful lot we don’t understand about gut health.

The running theory right now supposes that leaky gut is caused by a permeability of the intestines that causes substances in the bowels to leak out and make their way into other internal areas. People claim these leaking substances can cause any number of health issues, though there’s no supporting evidence.

Why are Accurate Diagnoses so Difficult?

The lack of reliable research on this condition means that doctors don’t really understand what it is exactly, what causes it, or what they can prescribe to patients to alleviate their problems.

Hopefully in the near future, we’ll fully understand this condition so that we can combat it more effectively.

This lack of definitive understanding or research to back up the theories that surround leaky gut means that there’s no consensus in the medical community on the parameters for leaky gut diagnosis or in how to treat it. This can be very frustrating for patients suffering from the life-altering symptoms of leaky gut.

Despite the lack of real research, many alternative practitioners and so-called “experts” are spewing their theories to the masses. This is often in order to sell their particular “cure”.

It’s very important that you speak with your doctor if you feel you may be suffering from leaky gut. Don’t get taken in by a scam treatment that will at best do nothing and in worst cases, leave you with terrible side effects.

Many doctors tend to ignore the condition entirely, possibly simply because they don’t really know what to do with it and there’s so much quackery surrounding it. If you find that’s the case with your physician, I suggest checking around your area for a doctor with experience with leaky gut.

A doctor discussing test results with a patient.

What are the Symptoms of Leaky Gut?

Gas, bloating, stomach cramps, and food sensitivities are frequently pointed to as the symptoms of leaky gut. However, a leaky gut diagnosis often times means that there’s still work to be done in order to identify the root of the problem.

If you have these symptoms without a medical diagnosis that explains them and is able to provide adequate relief, you are likely an ideal candidate to talk to your doctor

Who can be Affected by Leaky Gut?

Anyone could suffer from leaky gut, young or old, male or female.

This group of mysterious symptoms causes problems for all sorts of people.

It does seem that it’s more common in the Western world, leading me to believe that poor lifestyle choices could lead to this issue.

How Can You Fix Leaky Gut?

This is the real issue surrounding this disease. There’s no substantiated evidence on what in the world we can do feel better. Cures abound, but there’s no empirical data on an actual treatment plan. Because of this, there are tons of ‘guaranteed cures’ available all over the internet.

Even actual doctors, often times TV and internet personalities, make recommendations for treatment that are not proven to work and may have adverse side effects or produce no results at all.

Likely, the best answer offered for this condition is to make healthy lifestyle choices. Eat well with plenty of fruits and veggies, keep your weight within recommended levels, exercise often, and minimize your intake of potentially harmful substances.

Probiotics may also offer some level of alleviation.

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What are the Best Probiotics for Leaky Gut?

Though evidence supporting the effectiveness of probiotics is fairly thin, and particularly in the case of leaky gut due to the general lack of research on the condition, they are a relatively harmless potential remedy to improving your overall health by improving the profile of good bacteria in your gut.

By taking probiotic supplements that contain live, active cultures with a variety of strains of good bacteria, the microbiome (sum of the microorganisms like bacteria and yeasts) in your gut can potentially improve your health. More bacteria is also better overall.

Probiotic supplements must be kept cool in order to remain effective. There is also truth to the idea that storing them in glass bottles helps the bacteria contained within to stay alive.

It’s also best if they have a stomach acid resistant coating so that the cultures survive to the intestinal tract.

Final Thoughts on the Best Probiotics for Leaky Gut

For leaky gut, I’d say that Vimerson Probiotics are the best product to take. The company’s thoughtful approach to formulation, high quality standards, and moderate CFU count says to me that they are an ideal manufacturer with a vested interest in their clients’ well-being.

Despite the need to take two tablets a day, this straightforward formula seems like a great choice if you seek to improve gut health in general. As always, make sure that you consult a doctor before taking any supplements or engaging in any alternative medicine therapies.

For safety’s sake and so that your doctor can continue accurately treating you, discuss supplements like probiotics before beginning a new regimen.

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