The Top 5 Best Shoe Inserts for Walking and Standing All Day in 2023

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Busy people crossing the street in a city hopefully using shoe inserts for walking and standing all day.

If you’ve ever stood on your feet for long periods of time, you’ll know how painful it can be for your entire body. Whether it’s for leisure, such as hiking or other outdoor pursuits, or simply a job that requires prolonged standing, the pain can be eased with a pair of aftermarket insoles. The best shoe inserts for walking and standing all day will cushion your feet while supporting areas like the heel or the foot arch.

Jobs like factory work, or even pounding the pavements as a traffic warden can all take their toll on your feet. (Although personally, I think traffic wardens get everything they deserve—not that I got two tickets this month, really!) The following YouTube video further explains impact standing all day can have on your quality of life.

Let’s look at what to consider when choosing the best shoe inserts for walking and standing all day, before recommending some of our favourite products. Choosing the right insoles will prevent you from missing out on work, or more importantly that all day concert because your feet can’t take the pain.

The Benefits of Wearing Shoe Inserts While Standing All Day

It’s not all about your feet, but standing all day can have long-lasting effects on your whole body. The aches and pains in your feet are just the start! Constantly being on your feet for over five hours a day can increase your risk of more serious conditions like chronic back pain, or musculoskeletal disorders.

Research has found that wearing insoles can reduce both the incidence and severity of back pain. As well as easing your day-to-day pain, insoles can help improve poor posture, prevent varicose veins and provide joint relief.

Insoles play a key role in supporting your feet and body for longer periods of standing or walking. The two main benefits offered by good insoles, are cushioning and support. The impact of standing or walking can cause pain and fatigue of the feet, with cushioning absorbing the shocks.

Support in an insole can help you maintain better posture and correct the position and balance of your feet. This makes walking or standing easier on your body, and will protect your health in the long term.

What to Look for in the Best Insoles for Standing or Walking All Day

Choosing the best shoe inserts for your requirements will depend on the type of shoe you wear, your foot shape, any medical conditions and the environment in which you use it.

Work safety boots, hiking boots or other high-volume shoes will need a thicker insole that provides extra stability and support. The insole can align your foot in a healthy position and make the shoe fit better when standing or walking for longer periods of time. Casual shoes like plimsolls, cycling shoes or dress shoes will need a low-volume insole which is more flexible and gives your heel and foot front additional cushioning.

Walking or standing on harder surfaces like concrete can put extra pressure on your feet and negatively affect your posture. Choosing an insert with extra cushioning can absorb many of the shocks with extra arch support holding your foot in a more comfortable position.

Full-length insoles with a built-up arch and shaped heel can provide better cushioning to your heels and forefeet. For people with arch pain or plantar fasciitis a semi-rigid foam insert is often the best choice. Feet with a low or collapsed arch will benefit from a firmer, more rigid insole which helps to stabilize the heel.

Which Are the Best Shoe Inserts for Walking and Standing All Day?

Shoe inserts are not always customised to your feet, with many coming in different shapes, sizes and materials for specific needs. Choosing a pair of insoles that meets your requirements isn’t always easy. We’ve looked at many top-selling products to bring you in our opinion, the top five best shoe inserts for walking and standing all day.

Our Choice

When looking for the best shoe inserts for walking and standing all day, there’s no one-size-fits-all for everyone’s foot problems. We’ve tried to look at different insoles that can address most foot problems to make that decision a little easier for you.

In our opinion, the Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles are the best shoe inserts for walking and standing all day. There’s a reason this insole has been unchanged for many decades—it simply works! Although it may be more expensive than many similar insoles, the ergonomically designed shape will provide support for your foot all day long with a high-density foam for long-lasting comfort.

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