The Best Under Desk Cycles in 2023

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Even as someone who loves keeping myself in shape, as soon as those cold stormy nights hit, going for a ride on my bike in the wind and rain is the last thing I want to do. Why do I want to experience the cold myself when I can stay wrapped up warm of the sofa and watch a Game of Thrones marathon and just let Jon Snow tell everyone else how winter is coming?

Sure, there are indoor exercise bikes to keep you cycling like an olympian year round, but what about one you can use all day when at work? The best under desk cycle will allow you to enjoy a workout and stick to your fitness regime as you sit at your desk during office hours. I know right, talk about convenience!

A desk bike is a seatless bike that fits under your workspace or anywhere you’re sitting like on the sofa at home as you watch TV. Instead of hitting the roads or venturing to the gym, you can get your cardio workout anytime, anywhere.

Responding to endless lists of emails (or swiping right on Tinder) has never been so healthy!

Let’s see how you can enjoy exercising while at your desk, before looking at some top-selling under desk cycles.

While finishing up the end of a monotonous work day you could imagine you’re cycling through the hills of Florence on a summer’s day—what a nice idea that would be!

Why Choose an Under Desk Cycle?

A new survey by Ergotron says 86 percent of Americans are sitting all day, every day. In total Americans are sitting an average of 13 hours a day and sleeping for eight more hours. Scientists even found that not exercising and sitting all day is as dangerous as smoking or being obese.

I know, scary stuff!

For many of us, eight of those sitting hours will be behind a desk at work. Prolonged sitting and insufficient activity can have a whole range of negative effects including:

  • Muscle degeneration.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Softer bones.
  • Tight hips.
  • Poor Posture.
  • Weight gain and all the side effects, heart disease, increased risk of stroke and diabetes to name but a few.

The best under desk cycle is an easy way to combat these problems. Moving your body, even at a leisurely pace will have massive health benefits.

You’ll burn calories to help lose weight which improves your overall health and reduces the pressure on your joints and organs. Exercise also triggers important processes associated with the breakdown of fats and sugars.

Seated exercise is great for getting a low impact yet productive workout. For people in rehabilitation from surgery or those with mobility or balance issues, an under desk cycle is a safe way to get all the benefits of exercise. You could even combine an under desk peddler with some chair yoga exercise like these shown in the following YouTube video, for a more effective workout.

Precautions for Using an Under Desk Cycle

Just like any exercise routine, using an under desk cycle comes with a small amount of risk. Always speak to a medical practitioner before embarking on any new physical activity. Your job may be tiring, but nobody wants to find you having a heart attack at your desk.

Make sure your chair is stable and doesn’t have wheels. Sometimes a strap can anchor your chair or desk to prevent both the cycle and your chair from moving. If your desk is low, it may be advisable to look at an elliptical trainer where your legs won’t lift as high.

Always apply force downwards, not forwards, just as if you were riding a real bike. Begin with the lowest resistance and build it up. And try to keep your upper body still so your legs do all the work.

You can change your routine later and place many under desk cycles on top of the desk for an arm workout.

Finally, it’s advisable to check with your employers and fellow employees whether they have any objections to an under desk cycle in the office. Who knows, once they see yours, your office might just turn into a midday spin class!

Best Under Desk Cycle

You may not have heard of under desk cycles before, but when you look, there are a lot of them available. With so many choices it’s difficult to decide which is the best under cycle desk for you.

Start by ensuring the cycle you choose will fit in the space you’re looking to use it.

If your desk is too low, then you may be better choosing an elliptical trainer or step machine for your lower body workout. A more compact machine will also be more portable for easy transportation between your front room and the office.

The resistance level of the cycle will determine how effective a workout you get. Most under desk cycles now come with magnetic resistance which has the benefit of being super quiet. The last thing we want in the office is a noisy exercise bike next to our desks, we already have the shredder for that.

Match the cycle you choose to your ability level. If an under desk cycle is advertised as ideal for rehabilitation or low impact workouts, it won’t offer the resistance for an intense fitness session. Adjustable resistance will allow you to vary your routine and build up as you get stronger.

We’ve looked at many of the top-selling models to help save you time when selecting an under desk bike. Here are the top five under desk cycles.

Our Choice

Those sedentary days in the office hunched over a sales report or behind a computer screen just got a lot healthier. The best under desk cycle is a smart way to get healthy and prevent life threatening conditions. And you’re being paid for it too!

Although there are many under cycle desks available, the Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser is the best under desk cycle available today. Lower pedals mean it fits under your desk and there’s no fear of banging your knees when using it. A whisper quiet eight levels of magnetic resistance means you can perform even the most intense of workouts without disturbing your colleagues. And the compact design means you can take it home to carry on pedaling in front of the TV too!

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