The Best Whole Food Organic Multivitamins

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Nowadays, a huge number of people benefit from taking a daily multivitamin. But are you getting the most from your supplement or is your money going down the drain?

When choosing a multivitamin, you want a product that’s pure, easily digestible and packed with nutrients. Whole food organic supplements have recently come into the limelight for this reason.

But what are the best whole food organic multivitamins? I’m going to share everything you need to know in this article.

What are Whole Food Organic Multivitamins?

Whole food vitamins are those that are derived from foods in their most natural state. Unlike synthetic extracts which lose many of their inherent beneficial properties, whole food vitamins keep more of their nutritional value. Whole food multivitamins are also better absorbed by the body. (source)

They are usually organic and non-GMO and manufacturers often provide full transparency as to the source of the vitamins.

Who Can Benefit From Whole Food Organic Multivitamins?

Many people can benefit from supplementation with a multivitamin. One study found that most US adults don’t meet their recommended daily doses of the top ten nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and iron. (source)

It’s safe to say that if you have a diet that comprises of lots of junk food and small amounts of fruits and vegetables, adding a multivitamin to your routine is a good idea.

Even if you’re doing your best to consume a balanced and nutritionally complete diet, if you have a medical condition that impedes absorption, dietary restrictions or food allergies, a multivitamin can also be helpful.

People who have problems with their immune system such as the elderly also greatly benefit from extra vitamins. Vitamin E, B6 and C are great immune boosters. (source)

That said, multivitamins should never replace a healthy diet. Taking a multivitamin does not mean you can get away with eating diet of only processed junk food.

With so many supplements available many people have forgotten the basics of health, a good diet and exercise. I am not slating supplements – there are many that are very useful. However, many people think of supplements as wonder cures which mean they don’t have to think about the rest of their intake.

Nutritional needs should be met first and foremost from foods as advised by the US Department of Health and Human Services. However, as around half of all American adults are suffering from chronic diseases caused by poor diet, supplementing with a multivitamin is a good stopgap until we can amend our diets to meet recommended guidelines.

Tablets and capsules.

How to Choose a Whole Food Organic Multivitamin

The best whole food organic multivitamins must follow certain standards. High quality supplements will have a certificate of analysis if manufactured in the US. This is to prove that they have been tested for compliance with relevant guidelines.

Another thing you’ll need to examine when choosing a supplement is the ingredient list. All ingredients should be in their natural, unprocessed form – no synthetically produced elements. Many natural supplement companies will have statements describing the entire production chain – from growing the raw materials, all the way to arrival in our shopping basket. This certainly instills confidence.

I try as much as possible to choose brands that are not only made in the US but also have a good reputation and long track record of creating quality supplements.

I have taken a look at all of the whole food organic multivitamins available and chosen my personal top five. I have listed some pros and cons for each as well sharing my overall favorite at the end of the article.

Our Choice:

For me the Naturelo brand is the best. Simply because it really includes so much for overall health and even states all the organic fruits and vegetables from which the vitamins are derived.

You do need to take a lot of these tables daily and they are more expensive, however, many people these days take supplements for amino acids and brain health and these multivitamins have everything in one capsule. Therefore, for someone who is already taking numerous supplements, these could be a great option to get everything in one place.

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