What is the Best Women’s Electric Razor in 2023?

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When you were younger, you may have borrowed mom’s trusty electric razor when requiring a quick defuzz of the legs before going out for the night. These cumbersome ugly units normally weren’t very effective; they could do more damage than good and often sounded like a small aircraft landing in the next room!

Fortunately the best women’s electric razors have come a long way since then with specially designed models that are compact, ergonomic and offer a comfortable yet close shave.

The main problem with electric razors for women is they do not offer a cut as close as a traditional flat or safety razor. Unfortunately it may be necessary to shave almost daily if you want to keep your legs smooth and hair free.

Glamour magazine found that women will shave an average d7,718.4 times over their lifetime but this may be more if you choose the electric shaver route. (source)

Electric razors designed for women are normally less powerful and effective than the models sold for men. Some women even prefer to use men’s razors but there are some women’s razors that offer cutting technology that’s just as good, if not better in some cases. Many of these razors can be used for a wet or dry shave, and can be used in the shower or bath to cut down on grooming time.

How to Choose the Best Electric Razor for Women?

The best women’s electric razors should be easy to use, offer a close but comfortable shave and be quick and easy to clean. Some electric razors for women may even exfoliate or nourish the skin while shaving. Many leading national supermarkets, beauty stores and online retailers carry a variety of ladies razors but what exactly should you look for? Here are the main points to consider.


Most electric razors for women are designed using pastel or colors traditionally considered feminine for the handles and/or head attachments. On a more practical note, they are also slightly smaller and more lightweight than the male counterparts so they can fit better in female hands.

A razor with a contoured body and rubber grips on the handle will help you get a better hold of the razor and give you more control when shaving. The better your grip, the less chance of slippage and unsightly cuts or nicks. A pivoting head can closely follow the curves of your body without having to apply too much pressure when shaving more difficult to reach parts.

Wet or Dry Use

Many of the best women’s electric razors offer the option of using it as a wet shaver, sometimes in the shower or bath. Using foam or creams with a wet shave helps condition the skin and allows the razor heads to glide smoothly over your contours. Plus waterproof shavers are a lot easier to clean – simply run them under a tap, or in some cases you can fully submerge them in a bowl of water.

Many cheaper electric razors are for dry shaving only. These razors should only be used when the skin is completely dry – it can be dangerous to use them while showering or even in the bathroom. Water and electricity have never been best friends to put it mildly! Dry shavers can also be more difficult to clean, sometimes requiring dismantling to clean with a small brush.

Foil or Rotary Blades

Razors that uses rotary blades have round blades that turn a full 360 degrees and often flex too. Rotary blades allow for a closer shave on difficult to reach areas and are often used by men to shave near the nose and the jawline. Foil razors are more commonly used by women as they can get a close shave on larger areas including legs and arms.

Rotary razors are tougher on sensitive skin as the friction can cause razor burn and they may also cause more ingrown hairs as they cut the hairs at different angles. A foil razor uses a guard to protect the skin from the cutting blades and may float so as not to apply too much pressure on the skin. In general a foil razor offers a more comfortable shave but may not get as close as some of the best rotary razors.

Rechargeable, Battery or Power Cord

Cordless power shavers are a very popular choice for many women who travel and are not sure where the next power outlet may be. Checking into a motel where there’s no power or full length mirror in the bedroom is not a problem if you have a cord free electric razor. Many cordless razors are also fully waterproof allowing use in the bath without any risk.

Most cordless razors use a built-in rechargeable battery for power, and here lies the main problem. The battery may take a long time to charge, it may not offer long enough usage time for a complete grooming session and it may not retain its charge if there are a few days between shaving sessions. There’s nothing worse when you’re in a hurry than finding your razor is dead, except when the razor starts dying halfway through a grooming session and starts dragging at hairs or nicking the skin!

One solution to this common problem is to choose a razor that can use replaceable batteries. Although this can be more expensive in the long run, you will never find yourself without a razor when replacement batteries are available nearby.

Both battery and rechargeable razors tend to be less powerful than corded shavers, and if you want a razor with the most powerful and reliable performance you should always choose a corded razor. If you decide to choose a razor with a power cord, check the voltage that the unit can use. Single 110v voltage razors can be fine if only for use at home, but many countries abroad use a 220/230v system so it’s always advisable to choose a dual voltage razor if you intend to travel with it.

Attachments and Other Key Features

Many of the electric razors for women we have looked at come complete with a built-in or detachable bikini trimmer. Other attachments may include an exfoliating or moisturizing pad or a foil for closer shaving. A pouch is normally supplied for easy storage of attachments, cleaning brushes and possibly the power supply or charging base station.

Adjustable speeds on an electric razor is useful for more gentle shaving of certain areas and more aggressive action on longer stubborn hairs. There may even be a switch which allows you to select different modes of shaving, for example maybe a sensitive skin program. Some razors also come with a light that illuminates the skin to allow you to see the hairs better as you shave.

The Best Women’s Electric Razor

Because there are so many different electric razors for women to choose from, we decided to help you out by examining some of the best selling models and summarizing their pros and cons. At the end I’ll reveal my pick for the best women’s electric razor on the market at the moment.

Our Choice for the Best Women’s Electric Razor

Although we have yet to find an electric razor that can match the close shave and smooth finish of a traditional manual razor, any one of the five products we have looked at can offer a nearly as close shave in a faction of the time. When deciding which model is best for you, you must consider how much you want to spend and just how portable the razor is. You may even want a razor that you can use not only wet or dry but in the shower or bath.

Although it’s the most expensive of the razors we have looked at, in our opinion, for the best women’s electric razor is the Butterfly Pro 5h Electric Shaver. For once it may be your other half begging to use your razor!

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