6 Things That Will Help You Get Rid of Cold Faster

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A sickly woman lying in bed and using a tissue with the caption "6 Things That Will Help You Get Rid of Cold Faster."

Drip, drip,drip… That’s the sound my nose is making as I type, though it’s occasionally punctuated with a hacking cough and scratchy rasp from my sore throat, or a screen-covering-with-snot “Achoo!” thanks to the sneezes. I hate colds! That’s why I figured out 6 things that will help you get rid of cold faster.

There is nothing worse in the world than the common cold. It is directly from Satan’s armpits, as there’s really nothing that you can do to get rid of the cold — aside from plenty of rest, blowing through 5 rolls of toilet paper, and spooning chicken soup into your mouth.

Sure, we’ve all heard about how Vitamin C and zinc will be great for the cold, but how many times have you gulped down the orange juice and zinc tablets your Mom gave you and still spent the rest of the week in bed?

Handy Tip: Change your sheets and pillows every other day when you have a cold. Not only will the fresh bedding feel fantastic, but it will be fresh and free of germs.

Here’s also some video on DIY 5 natural cough, flu and cold remedies!

If you really want to get rid of your cold quickly, here are a few things you won’t read about on WebMD or the MayoClinic website:


A cup of wasabi.

Growing up in Japan, I quickly got used to the sting of the spicy green horseradish that makes sushi taste so good. It was only once I left Japan that I realized that I rarely got sick with a cold.

Now, every time I start breaking out in a cold, I order up some sushi and eat as much green stuff as I can. The sting of the wasabi is surprisingly effective at clearing out my stuffed nose – at least temporarily.

Interestingly enough, the leaves and stem of the wasabi plant have strong antibacterial properties, and it’s loaded with antioxidants to boost the immune system. It is used for treating colds, sinus infections, and coughs, and it’s a whole lot of fun to play “Who Can Eat the Biggest Spoon?” with.


Ginseng roots.

Everyone has heard of using ginseng as a sex booster, but it can be used for more mundane purposes as well. A New York Times article reports that a Canadian study proved the benefits of using ginseng to fight off colds.

It is no miracle cure that will kill your cold, but it can help to reduce the symptoms and make the various pains, aches, and sniffles much easier to deal with.

The length and number of the colds was decreased in those that took the ginseng, so this Chinese herbal remedy can be a good option if you want to deal with your cold.


Face of a man who is sweating during training.

When you have a cold, there is nothing less appealing than getting off your couch and doing exercise. A Ball State University study found that exercising is able to help reduce the symptoms of a cold, making you feel much better than you would if you stayed prostrate on that comfy couch.

Now, it won’t help to shorten the duration of that damn cold, but it will help you to feel better. Getting up off your rear and getting in gear can help to take your mind off your sniffles or that head cold, and doing regular exercise will ensure that you don’t get sick as often. Don’t work too hard when you’re sick and trying to exercise.

Do about 30 minutes of light exercise, such as walking, cycling, jogging slowly, or using the elliptical machine. Don’t pick up those heavy weights or train for a marathon!

Did You Know: Sweat has been found to contain a special germ-killing property that will help to eliminate your infections. The protein is called dermicidin, and it is produced by your body to hang around the surface of your skin and fight off bacteria and fungi like E. coli and Candida albicans.

Ginger Tea

A cup of ginger tea with a ginger root in the background.

Ginger tea is probably one of the best things to drink when you have a sore throat, and I suck down gallons of the stuff just to try and get rid of my colds. Ginger is used in many countries around the world:

  • A Burmese remedy involves ginger tea made with palm tree juice sweetener, and will fight off the flu
  • A remedy in Congo involves mixing mango tree sap with ginger as a cure-all
  • Nepalese mix ginger in a special tea to help fight off colds
  • A Chinese remedy involves brewing ginger in a tea with Coca Cola (yes, you read that right) to make a folk remedy for colds

Ginger is truly wonderful stuff, so start drinking!

Lifehack: Get your fever down by putting some food on your skin. Place some onions in your socks, or use a cloth to apply sliced potatoes to your wrists. The food will help to absorb the heat from your body, lowering your temperature effectively.

Spicy Pepper Gargle

A woman gargling in a bathroom.

For those with a stomach and tastebuds of steel, here’s a remedy for you to try:

  • ½ ounce of Tabasco sauce
  • ½ ounce of the liquid drained from a can of banana peppers

Stick that powerful liquid in your mouth, gargle with it for as long as you can, and spit. It will help to clear your throat and nose right up, though don’t expect to taste any food for the next few hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A small jug of apple vinegar next to apples and leaves.

Vinegar is a strong antiviral agent, so drink a cup of vinegar tea (a few spoonfuls of vinegar added to hot water) to clear your cold.

If you’re serious about kicking the flu, grate ginger root, onions, and garlic to add to the vinegar, along with rosemary, sage, horseradish, and cayenne pepper. Let that mixture sit for a day or two, and suck it down to kick your cold’s butt!

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