How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Your Eyes : 7 Natural Living Tips

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A woman looking at herself in a mirror with the title "How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Your Eyes"

Just about 10 years ago I was in my early 30s. I felt like I was in the prime of my life. I looked better and felt better than I ever had before. I was full of energy, life, and excitement.

Then one morning around my 34th birthday, I woke up ready to start another fantastic day in the life of Helen and I did a double-take.

Why do I look so tired?

I took a step closer.

Oh my god. Do I see wrinkles around my eyes?!

I took one step closer.

Sure enough, my eyes suddenly seemed like they had aged overnight. An overwhelming feeling that the Grimm reaper was likely waiting outside my bathroom door suddenly came over me.

What in the world was I going to do? If you know me, you already know. I plopped right down at my desk ready to figure out how to combat the aging process that had so suddenly befallen me.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, you’re in the right place. While of course I didn’t find the fountain of youth in my research, I did find ways to drastically slow the aging process and more importantly, minimize facial damage and improve under eye wrinkles.

Why Do I Have Wrinkles?

A woman with various lines drawn on her face to show wrinkle creation.

First things first, let’s address why you are noticing wrinkles in the first place. Is it because you are gracefully aging? Or is it coming from fatigue, exposure to the elements, or lack of proper facial maintenance?

Unfortunately, when I was growing up, my parents weren’t too obsessive about covering me in sunscreen. I’d gone so long with minimal amounts of it that I was often the bronze envy of all my friends.

Guess what that got me though? That’s right, wrinkles at age 34. On the other hand, I have a friend who had been diligent about wearing sunblock since the day she was born and her face looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I guess the point of my story is that wrinkles will definitely develop more quickly if you are constantly exposed to the elements like wind, sun, cold or snow. If you are reading this as a young lady or man, heed my warnings and lather up. That sexy sun-kissed body isn’t worth it, trust me.

So if you’re a young naive person like I was, you likely aren’t thinking about your future wrinkles. If you’d like to change your mind about that, check out my tips below.

How to Prevent Wrinkles in the First Place

Aging is part of life. You can’t avoid it. What you can avoid is the early onset of skin damage due to certain behaviors.

Wear Sunscreen

I hope I’m not telling you this seriously important tip too late. While the sun can cause happiness and health it can also cause serious damage. From sunburn to skin cancer to advanced aging, the sun is kind of brutal.

Sun cream in the sand on a beach.

The good news is that we have some armor to protect us from this necessary but dangerous entity. Sunscreen. Wear it; all day, every day. Why? Not only will it protect you from skin diseases like cancer, it will also help you slow the signs of aging!

A recent study found that people who wore sunscreen daily for 4.5 years had skin that aged 24% less than those who only applied sunscreen when they wanted to. This is amazing and enough of a reason to lather up daily. This brings me to my next tip.

Moisturize Daily

As you age, your skin can become increasingly thin and dry. On top of that, it loses its elasticity. While anti-aging moisturizers on the market aren’t approved by the FDA as wrinkle reducers, they can aid in hydrating your skin and therefore making it less dry and tight.

This LiveStrong article states that “cosmetic moisturizers can help hydrate the skin and prevent tearing or bruising but have no effect in preventing the onset of wrinkles themselves.”

Face cream.

The article discusses a study of moisturizing cream that contained estrogen that did appear to help “smooth out wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and repair…” Keep in mind this was only in areas not exposed to the sun!


According to a recent article published on Huffington Postexercise may play a part in wrinkle prevention and more youthful looking skin. This information is just too amazing not to share.

The article states that “New research from McMaster University in Ontario has found that exercise could not only keep skin younger, but may also even reverse skin aging in people who become more active late in life.”

One study showed amazing results. Sedentary volunteers over the age of 65 were asked to participate in two sessions of moderately strenuous exercise each week for three months.

People running on the road near a forest area.

At the end of the three months, their skin was biopsied and compared to a previous sample. Huffington Post states, “The samples looked very different, with outer and inner layers of skin now looking very similar to those of 20-to-40 year olds.”

If that doesn’t make you want to start exercising for wrinkle prevention, I don’t know what will get you moving.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins and Minerals

While you think your skin keeps its vibrancy and youth based on what you do to your exterior, you might be surprised to find out that what you put inside your body actually affects your skin as well.

This WebMD article discusses skin nutrition and how nutrients, inside and out, are essential for healthy skin. The article mentions Dr. Doris Day, doctor and author of “Forget the Facelift: Turn Back the Clock with a Revolutionary Program for Ageless Skin“. She states, “The beauty of the skin is that you can affect it from both inside and out.”

A plate of fruit.

Antioxidants are essential to preventing damage from free radicals. According to WebMD, free radicals “can harm skin cells and cause signs of aging.” What is the best way to get more antioxidants in your life? Well, by eating a large variety of colorful fruits and vegetables of course!

Dr. Day suggests aiming for as much color and variety as possible when adding vegetables to your diet. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lycopene, along with vitamins A, C and E can help slow down the damage that free radicals bring.

Getting into a habit of a healthy diet early on in life can help prevent early wrinkle damage later on. Not only will your face thank you, but so will the rest of your body. You truly can’t go wrong if you opt for a healthy diet at all times.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

As a mom of two boys, my propensity for early wrinkle development was already pretty high. I was stressed and tired most of the time. A good night’s sleep was a distant memory and I had more to worry about than I ever had before.

Things like this can take a toll on your face, especially your eye area. Under eye wrinkles were something I noticed first as I aged.

A person with lines drawn around her eyes. spoke with a cosmetic surgeon in New York City, Dr. Barry Weintraub. He states, “Wrinkles are the first thing to appear on the face; they are faint lines that generally afflict patients under 35.” According to him the good news is “a wrinkle can be fixed.” Yay!

But how?

Laser Treatments

For me personally, I like to try to avoid medical intervention if possible, especially when it comes to things that are not life-threatening. Would having fewer wrinkles be great? Sure. But I don’t often feel the need to go under the knife or laser to make that happen. To each his own of course. What’s not important to me might be very important to you, and that’s okay! I want to give you all the options here.

Many surgeons on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website state that several different options are available on the market such as Botox, fillers, peels, lasers and surgery.

Dr. Richard Baxter states that Botox “helps with crows’ feet and lasts about 3 months. Other options include laser or chemical peels, which may be better for fine lines and wrinkles.”

If you want to learn more about the scientific aspects of wrinkles and how they can be treated with Botox, check out this YouTube video.

Each doctor suggests you consult with an aesthetic surgeon to see which option might be best for your personal facial situation.

Eye Cream

Eye creams are all over the market. Everywhere you look there are promises of becoming wrinkle-free with a dab of some super expensive moisturizer. If you know me at all, you know I prefer the natural route, which is why I was so happy to find this article from Good Housekeeping.

They give you buying tips on what ingredients to look for and to avoid as well as all-natural product suggestions.


We often neglect to realize that we have items in our very own kitchens that can help with health and beauty issues. What most people don’t know is that things like coconut oil have properties that are not just useful in cooking.

A bowl of oil.

Coconut oil also has the antioxidants our bodies so strongly desire. According to this Home Remedies for Life article, coconut oil contains vitamins E and A as well as essential proteins that promote collagen production. Collagen is what keeps our skin firm.

The article also states that coconut oil helps with the formation of new skin cells and helps maintain your skin’s connective tissues, which prevents the dreaded sagging and wrinkling that we’re trying to avoid. To top it off, coconut oil can also soften your skin.

Fruit & Vegetables

For once I’m not just telling you to eat your fruits and vegetables. I’m telling you to wear them! WikiHow gives some great suggestions for how to use certain fruits and vegetables to help with under eye wrinkles. You likely have some of these ingredients in your home already:

  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Oranges

You’ll find orange juice all over the internet as a way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. WikiHow says to dip a cotton swab in fresh squeezed orange juice and dab it around your eyes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Be careful not to get the juice in your eyes. In just a few weeks you should supposedly notice a difference.

Cucumbers are another popular item to help reduce under eye wrinkles. The Dermatology Review suggests placing thick slices of cool cucumber on your eyes for 15-20 minutes per day.

Various vegetables and some apples.

Deborah Dunham over at suggests putting honey on your wrinkles first, and then topping with a cucumber slice to help really get the full effect of wrinkle reduction.

According to the Dermatology Review, avocados can really aid in skin health. Avocados contain vitamin A which is a form of retinol. The article states that “retinol is a major factor in the appearance on an individual’s skin, because it can help boost new cell growth and collagen production.”

The more collagen you have in your skin, the less likely you are to see wrinkles and fine lines since the collagen will make your skin tighter.

You can even find tons of YouTube videos that show you how to make an avocado mask right in your own home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already on my way to the grocery store.

Facial Exercises

While it can look pretty funny, some folks claim that you can tighten and tone the muscles around your eyes, just like any other muscle.

The woman in this YouTube video demonstrates how to keep your eyes firm with facial exercises.

Did you know Facial Yoga is now a thing? I didn’t but am I shocked, not in the slightest. In this article, Marie Claire magazine speaks with Facial Yoga expert, Danielle Collins. She gives 5 exercises you can start doing right now if you’d like to implement a facial yoga routine.

Final Thoughts

As you can imagine, since doing my under eye wrinkle research, I’ve created some new daily habits that have really made a huge difference. Not only do I always wear sunscreen, and make sure my children do the same, but I also make sure to hydrate my face with moisturizer daily.

I am also always the woman covering her face with a scarf or jacket in the sun and wind to protect my face from the elements. To really drive everything home, I also began some daily rituals with cucumber and honey and often lather up in the shower with coconut oil.

Ok and one final secret…you might also see me dab an orange slice on my eye before I bite into it. Don’t judge!

How about you? What remedies will you try to lessen your under eye wrinkles? Tell me about what works in the comments below.

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  1. Jojoba and Apricot oil are also very beneficial for skin. You can use such products where these oils are used. I know one product named as Stemuderm. It protects and preserves skin with a stem cell therapy complex that helps keep skin looking beautiful and youthful over the long term.

  2. I have been using Dermalmd Anti-Aging Serum for over a year now. I mix it with my daily moisturizer and have seen tremendous results. Fine lines around my eyes minimized, over lip, brow area, general skin condition is smoother & people have noticed the difference. I am hesitant to use new products because my skin is very sensitive, but I’ve had no reactions to Dermalmd serum. Highly recommend, especially for us older women who need a little boost!

  3. Just turned 35 and starting to see a few lines coming through (mostly in my forehead) and would like to start to use an anti wrinkle cream. I guess all my early years of sun worshipping and not moisturizing is coming to smack me in the ass 🙁
    I have a fair complexion with plenty of freckles.
    Any advice at all would be great as there is so much out there not sure which way to go

  4. I love Dermalmd under eye treatment serum. I have been looking for a product that isn’t oily or sticky and works to soften fine lines. Finding the right product has been a quest for me. I love the feel of this serum and how it has really lessened the appearance of wrinkles around my eyes. I have been using it for four months and can’t say enough about it. I highly recommend it.

  5. I’m a guy who doesn’t us products like this but I noticed my eyes were tired in the morning and the bags under my eyes were getting worse as I age. I though I’d give the Somaluxe Renewal Serum a try and the bags under my eyes are lessening. Not exactly scientific but I do think it is helping. Goes on a bit oily but absorbs quickly. The 2oz size should last a year at the rate I use it so based on the rate of consumption is is pretty cost effective.


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