The Full Guide To The Source And Symptoms Of Toxic Metals

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A person in a hazmat suit looking at a container with the title "The Full Guide To The Source And Symptoms Of Toxic Metals."

Everyone today has toxic metals in their body. Industrial dumping and manufacturing unleash metals into our air, food and water. Metal accumulation is also exacerbated by nutrient deficiencies. This guide will inform you of sources of toxic heavy metals, symptoms of toxicity and how to remove them from your body.

Heavy metals are deadly hidden toxins in our food and environment. Cadmium, aluminum, mercury, antimony, lead, arsenic and others are added to the food chain from upstream industrial dumping and pollution, pesticide runoff, incinerator emissions, smokestacks, aviation, and auto exhaust.

Our bodies cannot metabolize these metals, which must be actively purged and detoxed from the body on a continual basis before they cause disease.


A pile of aerosol spray cans.Arsenic

Conventionally raised poultry, pesticides, beer, table salt, tap water, paints, pigments, cosmetics, glass and mirror manufacture, fungicides, insecticides, treated wood, contaminated food.


Air pollution (burning fossil fuels), manufacture of plastics, electronics, steel alloys and volcanic ash.


Cigarettes, (tobacco and marijuana), processed and refined foods, large fish, shellfish, tap water, auto exhaust, plated containers, galvanized pipes, air pollution from incineration and occupational exposure.


Copper water pipes, copper added to tap water, pesticides, swimming in pools, intra-uterine devices, vegetarian diets, dental amalgams, nutritional supplements – especially prenatal vitamins, birth control pills, weak adrenal glands and occupational exposure.


Tap water, cigarette smoke, hair dyes, paints, inks, glazes, pesticide residues and occupational exposure in battery manufacture and other industries.


Dental amalgams, large fish, shellfish, medications, air pollution, manufacture of paper, chlorine, adhesives, fabric softeners and waxes.


Dental crowns and fixtures, hydrogenated oils (margarine, commercial peanut butter and shortening), shellfish, air pollution, cigarette smoke, plating and occupational exposure.

Ideal levels of Metals in Our Bodies

The acceptable levels of toxic metals varies somewhat, but I believe one should aim for metals to be at these very low levels.

The first number, for example 0.1 mg%, refers to what the ideal level should be on a hair mineral analysis. The second number, ppm, refers to parts per million.

Lead 0.1 mg% or 1 ppm
Mercury 0.025 mg% or 0.25 ppm
Cadmium 0.008 mg% or 0.08 ppm
Nickel 0.06 mg% or 0.6 ppm
Aluminum 0.2 mg% or 2 ppm
Arsenic 0.009 mg% or 0.09 ppm
Copper 2.5 mg% or 25 ppm
Iron 1.9 mg% or 19 ppm
Manganese 0.04 or 0.4 ppm

If you’ve done a test, please be aware that a glowing first test means nothing — heavy metals stored in your tissues like the bones, brains and organs will not show on the first test. Many people are very ill by the time they do a hair test and their bodies do not have the energy or are too sick to detox any longer.

Most metals are what we call “hidden,” which means that the toxic metals don’t show up in the hair even though they are in other parts of the body. In many people, their bodies are too tired and malnourished to get rid of these toxins, so they stay “hidden” in these tissues.

A about a dozen batteries.When the body gets stronger, it will start pushing metals out and removing them, which will be revealed in future hair mineral analysis tests.

If the body has enough energy to get rid of it on a continual basis, the level is higher on the hair test.

A very low level means that one can’t get rid of it, and it is accumulating inside one’s body. Heavy metals must actively be purged for years and will only reveal themselves on subsequent hair tests as they are flushed out of the body.



Anemia and other blood disorders, colic, fatigue, dental caries, hyperparathyroidism, kidney and liver dysfunctions, neuromuscular disorders, osteomalacia.


Abdominal pain, abnormal ECG, anorexia, dermatitis, diarrhea, edema, enzyme inhibitor, fever, fluid loss, goiter, hair loss, headache, inhibition of sulfhydryl enzyme systems, jaundice, muscle spasms, pallor, vasodilation, vertigo, vitiligo and weakness.


Adrenal insufficiency, arthritis, bone spurs, bursitis, depression, fatigue, osteoporosis and symptoms of slow metabolism.


hypertension, arthritis, anemia, arteriosclerosis, impaired bone healing, cardiovascular disease, reduced fertility, hyperlipidemia, hypoglycemia, headaches.


Acne, adrenal hyperactivity and/or insufficiency, agoraphobia, allergies, hair loss, anemia, anxiety, elevated cholesterol, cystic fibrosis, elevated estrogen, failure to thrive, fatigue, headaches, hyperactivity, hypertension, hypothyroidism, infections, inflammation, insomnia, iron storage diseases, decreased libido.


Abdominal pain, adrenal insufficiency, anemia, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, attention deficit, back problems, constipation, convulsions, fatigue, impaired glycogen storage, hallucinations, hyperactivity, inflammation, learning disabilities, diminished libido, migraine headaches, tooth decay.


Adrenal gland dysfunction, alopecia, anorexia, ataxia, blushing, dermatitis, discouragement, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, hearing loss, hyperactivity, insomnia, loss of self-control, memory loss, mood swings, nervousness, numbness and tingling, pain in limbs, rashes, excessive salivation.


Hemorrhages, low blood pressure, malaise, muscle tremors and paralysis, nausea, skin problems, tetany and vomiting.

Removal of Toxic Metals

A woman relaxed and smiling in front of blurred lights.Mineral Power program is the best program I have seen to remove all heavy metals from the body.

Other methods, like chelation, only remove metals superficially and throw the body more out of balance because the body is using the metals for different purposes.

Based on your hair mineral analysis, you will be given Supplements to balance and replenish minerals and detox heavy metals and chemicals. One must replenish mineral levels in order for the body to release heavy metals. Lifestyle and detox protocols aid the body’s removal of metals on this program.

I urge one to slow down, rest, sleep 8-10 hours per night and meditate, which assists detoxification by inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system. When we are in this fight-or-flight mode state, the body cannot detox.

Coffee enemas and near infrared saunas are employed to assist the body’s eliminative organs, which are overburdened in our toxic environment.

Once you know and provide the exact nutrients your whole body needs thru diet and supplementation, in the exact combinations to properly balance your body chemistry, your body starts to heal itself. Toxic metals and chemicals are removed naturally and safely and symptoms and disease start disappearing.

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