Top 10 Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

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Wheat grass next to a glass of wheat juice with the title "Top 10 Health Benefits of Wheat grass Juice"

Wheatgrass juice is something you either love or hate! There’s no two ways about this juice, which comes from a plant that is quite literally a type of grass. However, unlike regular grass, there are a lot of health benefits of wheatgrass.

For example, did you know that an ounce of wheatgrass is supposed to contain the same nutritional value as up to one kilogram of leafy greens? That means there’s a lot of great stuff in each cup of wheatgrass juice!

Wheatgrass Juice Benefits

Here are some of the top wheatgrass health benefits you need to know about:

1. Boosting Circulation

Did you know that wheatgrass has the ability to increase the amount of oxygen your blood can store. Wheatgrass is loaded with iron, which is known to stimulate your body to produce more red blood cells.

More red blood cells means more oxygen and nutrients can be carried by your blood, so you have better circulation all around. Improved circulation benefits your body in EVERY way!

A batch of wheat grass next to a glass of wheat grass juice.

2. Cleansing the Liver

Most people drink wheatgrass juice as a detoxifying agent, as one of the top wheatgrass juice benefits is the plant’s ability to flush toxins from your body.

The high fiber content of the juice bonds with toxins, making it impossible for your body to absorb them and thus forces them to be eliminated. Wheatgrass is also excellent for stimulating liver function, and it can help your liver to get rid of toxins on its own.

3. Up Healing

The iron content is one of the top wheatgrass health benefits, as the iron increases the red blood cells in the body. More red blood cells means faster delivery of the healing nutrients your body needs to repair wounds and injuries.

Drinking wheatgrass juice can speed up the healing of skin damage and wounds, and you can even use it as a topical skin treatment.

4. Getting Rid of Odors

The plant is loaded with chlorophyll, one of the things that offers excellent health benefits of wheatgrass. Chlorophyll is excellent at getting rid of bacteria, and you’ll find that drinking wheatgrass juice regularly is one of the best ways to improve your breath.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria in your mouth and digestive system, so flushing out the bacteria with the juice will be the smart way to go. You can even reduce your natural body odors by drinking more wheatgrass!

A patch of wheat grass.

5. Treating Arthritis

Wheatgrass is loaded with chlorophyll, a nutrient that is believed to fight inflammation. Arthritis is essentially swelling around the joints, as a result of worn down joint tissue. When the joints swell up, they are very painful and your mobility is reduced.

Thanks to the chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice, you can fight the swelling that is causing your pain and stiffness. It’s one of the best remedies to try for dealing with arthritis, and you’ll find it’s an excellent pain-reliever!

6. Reducing Fatigue

When you feel fatigue, it is usually because your body is lacking energy. A healthy person with a healthy body is able to get all the energy they need from the food they eat, as their blood carries the energy for easy use. However, if you aren’t in tip top shape, your blood cells can’t carry as much blood or oxygen as they need.

Thankfully, wheatgrass contains a lot of iron, which increases the red blood cell count in your body. With more red blood cells, your body will be able to carry the energy it needs in order to function properly. An increase in red blood cell count will combat fatigue very effectively!

7. Fighting Cancer

Wheatgrass juice was originally discovered in the search for a cure for cancer, and it has proven to be one of the most popular cancer-prevention remedies. The juice is loaded with chlorophyll, which is effective at purifying the blood of toxins, chemicals, carcinogens, and free radicals.

The wheatgrass juice can also ensure that your blood carries enough oxygen, and oxygenated blood is essential for cancer prevention (cancer thrives in an environment with low oxygen levels).

A glass of wheat grass juice with some wheat grass

8. Combatting Obesity

Did you know that drinking wheatgrass is one of the best ways to prevent obesity AND promote weight loss? Wheatgrass juice stimulates your thyroid gland, one of the glands that produce the hormones your body needs in order to function.

Hormonal imbalances is one of the main factors that contribute to obesity, so balancing out the levels of your various hormones is the key to dealing with excess weight! Plus, the juice is very filling, so it will suppress your appetite and stop those cravings in their tracks!

9. Boosting Immunity

Your immune system is always on the defensive, trying to keep out the various pathogens and infections that could harm it. Wheatgrass juice is loaded in the enzymes and the amino acids that will help to protect your body from all the harmful pathogens and carcinogens that could lead to health problems.

The nutrients from the juice will strengthen your body’s individual cells, flush toxins from the liver, and neutralize a lot of the pollutants and harmful substances that could harm your body. By doing all of this, you free up your immune system to focus on the primary threats to your health!

10. Improves Fertility

Drinking wheatgrass juice is an excellent way to enhance your sex drive and libido. Not only does the juice give you a lot of energy, but it will help to boost your circulation.

Healthy blood flow to the various sexual organs increases your stamina and vitality, and will increase the production of reproductive hormones. Improving blood flow to your genitals is the key to healthy sexual activity and fertility.

Getting Started Juicing Wheatgrass

Wow! Turns out wheatgrass juice is one of the healthiest juices on the planet! Looks like it’s time to add it to my daily juice menu. With the benefits listed above–plus the many more offered by wheatgrass juice–I’m going to be in rocking good health in no time!

Be sure to pick up a high quality masticating juicer like this one. You won’t be able to juice wheatgrass with a cheaper centrifugal juicer.

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