How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast & Naturally – 3 Tactics That Work

A woman holding the skin on her thigh with the title "How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast & Naturally – 3 Tactics That Work"

How to get rid of cellulite fast and naturally is a question on many minds of women and even some men. First, and foremost, it is important to know exactly what is cellulite?

Cellulite appears on the body with a look like the side of a car that was parked too close to the next car in a parking lot. Dented and dimpled marks appear on the skin. This is because there is underlying fat deposits under the surface of the skin.

Cellulite is most noticed on the thighs, buttock, stomach, and back of arms. Sometimes it appears as those people that have “love handles” in the mid-body. Cellulite usually appears on the body after puberty.

It is named, in a joke like manner as, “cottage cheese skin”, “orange peel syndrome”“hail damage”, and the “mattress phenomenon”.

Cellulite can effect both sexes, and is usually seen in women because they have particular types of fat and connective tissue in the body that is susceptible. Cellulite is seen to occur in 80 -89% of adult females.

Why do we see more cellulite in women than in men? This is simply because the septae, which are bands of cushion like fat attached to the skin, pull straight down like curtain hanging from a window. In males, the septae comes in sideways, concealing them from cellulite. Men also have thicker skin than women in most cases, which allows the cellulite to be hidden under the thicker skin.

There Are Three Stages of Cellulite:

  • Stage 1: Cellulite cannot be seen by the “naked eye”, but only in a microscopic examination of the cells from the areas in question.
  • Stage 2: The skin shows paleness in comparison of the rest of the body’s natural color because of the skin being stretched by the fat underneath. The surrounding skin may be cooler in temperature to the touch, have diminished springiness, and looks different in regard to “normal” skin areas.
  • Stage 3: Cellulite has noticeable bumpiness that can be felt by touch and “cottage cheese looking” along with stage 2 signs.

A graph explaining the formation cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite?

Truth be told, cellulite is somewhat of a mystery. Why do some people explode with cellulite and others look like a beautiful model and are cellulite-free?

There are several theories that have some backing simply from what is witnessed in real life. Some of these are:

A graph explaining the causes of cellulite.


Constricted sized pants, underwear, and other clothes that do not fit properly, with a tight, restricting fit around and across the thighs and buttock will reduce blood flow. This will further to the shaping of cellulite within the pinched areas.


Gaining weight over the normal the body healthy weight recommended can cause cellulite. The cold hard facts are that when a person eats too many carbohydrates, fat, and salt in their diet they will gain cellulite. Gaining weight will add to cellulite by making each individual fat cell bigger.

So, the more the fat gain, the more the affected areas will look lumpier. Even, for some women that are at a healthy weight, when losing weight too quickly for the body to adjust to the new weight change, may relax the skin making cellulite more noticeable.


Certain genetic body types are predisposed for cellulite development. In ancient times, having “saddle bags” on the hips and upper thighs, was Nature’s way of storing for famine and shortages of food in hard times. The body then could, ‘live” off these stored fats until food was available again. Nowadays, there is plenty of fat and sugar to go around in our modern day diet and this cause’s cellulite overload.

Heredity of certain genes may incline a person to specific properties seen with cellulite. If a person has a slow metabolism they will be prone to gain weight and thus develop cellulite. A slow metabolism can also cause circulatory problems and the body is unable to “burn” fat. This is a result of having a thyroid gland that is underactive which creates more cellulite in the body system.

Hormonal Issues

The hormones in the body are much of a factor in the problem of cellulite. Some scientists believe that estrogen, noradrenaline, insulin, thyroid conditions and prolactin are a large factor of the production of cellulite. Estrogen may be the main hormone to cause cellulite. This makes common sense because Estrogen is found most plentiful in women and causes a wide range of hormone functions.

Life Style Counts

Cellulite is found more frequent in smokers. It is also distinguished in those who do not exercise regularly, or those who stand in one place for many hours.

Having a high stress lifestyle will increase the level of catecholamines in the body. These catecholamines are linked to cellulite being created in the body. Why is this so? Catecholamines are any assembled cluster of related neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine and dopamine that have similar effects on the sympathetic nervous system.

Epinephrine is a hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla when the nervous system in the body is stress out, angry or in fear. This causes the heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac output, and carbohydrate metabolism to be stressed. If the body gets strained it will put the energy to protect it from danger into these hormone secreted areas.

Likewise, dopamine helps the brain act with emotion and actual movement. Thus movement plays an important role in whether or not a person will have cellulite.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast And Naturally

A woman's buttocks in panties showing off her healthy skin while she's holding a measuring tape and orange.

To rid the body of cellulite fast and naturally really just takes some good old fashion dedication to taking care of one’s self in a healthy way. It may take some time to erase some “fat” from those hips and thighs, but it will happen. How to reduce cellulite is focusing on these major points:

Start Dry Brushing Your Skin

Dry brushing improves your circulation and helps your skin get rid of toxins, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Buy a body brush made with natural fibers and make dry brushing a part of your morning routine.

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydrating your body keeps your skin cells looking fresh and renewed, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to make sure your system is getting all the water it needs.

Drinking 8 glasses (6 ounces each) of water daily. Make sure this is pure water with nothing added. Just the prescription that Mother Nature intended for us. By keeping your body hydrated it will keep your skin cells looking fulfilled and revitalized, which will lessen the look of cellulite.

Consuming at least 8 of water daily is essential to feeling great for everybody, so it is an important habit to incorporate in your life. The best way to start your day is by drinking a glass of water in the morning. Do this first thing at daybreak to get your body system off to a great start. Also, carry a reusable container full of water throughout the day and fill it often with pure water.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

A woman with smooth skin standing next to a basket of fruit. vegetables and glasses of juice.

A diet filled with healthy fruits and vegetables will help you keep your weight down, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Fruits and vegetables also have a high water content, so they help keep you hydrated, too.

It is important to eat fruits and vegetables high in fiber and low in sugar. Choose veggies and fruits to help you lose the unwanted pounds and reducing the weight of your body. Avoid crash dieting which will make cellulite worst. Losing weight too fast will reduce muscle tissue and not fat. Slow and steady wins the race and also with losing cellulite fast and naturally.

  • Accept your curves and love your body. Being rail-thin like an air-brushed model is not the goal. Accept your curves and have the intention to be in shape and at your ideal body weight. This is the best decision that you can make. Love your body and take care of it. Think healthy and feel healthy. This is of the greatest importance.
  • Consume food with Omega-3 fatty acids that are the healthy fats that the body does need for nutrition. An example of these delicious foods are fish, nuts, avocados, and olives. Eat these foods in moderation to supplement your daily nutrition. Eat plenty of raw vegetables.
  • Raw salad greens, broccoli, carrots and other vegetables are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and water. If you make them the mainstay of your diet you’ll see a difference in the amount of cellulite you have. Eat plenty of raw vegetables.This is the best way to remove cellulite. Foods such as spinach, dandelion leaves, salad greens, and broccoli are a good choice. Dark green veggies are the best choice when it comes to getting rid of cellulite naturally.
  • Eat healthy fats. Cellulite is caused by the fat just under the skin, but if your skin is toned and healthy, the cellulite won’t be as noticeable. Foods like olives, nuts, avocados, fish and olive oil contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin.
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar, fried, and salty. These will only increase cellulite. Go with never eating free body.
  • Exercise at least 3 days a week for 20 minutes and watch your dream body come to life. Choose an exercise that you love to do and you will stick to doing it. This can be a moderate cardio pace of dancing, walking, riding your bike.Work out hard enough that you are breathing hard but still able to talk in small sentences. This ensures that you are getting a good cardio workout.

Doing bike sprints up a hill for few minutes at a time for about 3 minutes at a time will help break up the unwanted cellulite. Also, if you are walking at a fast pace, sprint for about 3 minutes and then go back to your normal pace. If you are walking on a treadmill do the same technique and improve your stamina over time.

Be sure to add flexibility training to your exercise by doing Yoga, Pilates or simple stretches. You can do this before and after you do your cardio exercising. You can also do these types of different exercise on rotating days to give your body added benefits to different workouts so that you will work different muscle groups and thus accessing different areas to rid your body of cellulite fast.

Weight training will help remove cellulite because it tones muscles under the skin and creates a more firm appearance. Do exercises intended for thighs, buttocks, abs or where ever you see the unwanted cellulite.

What are the Best Cellulite Treatments?

A woman using a skin brush on her skin.

There are many cellulite treatments in the market place and for someone who wants to see results now, this may be frustrating.

Cellulite Cream

Knowing what the best cellulite cream to use is essential getting results today. There are many creams on the market that make promises of removing cellulite. It is essential to know that only diet and exercise can remove the fat from the body.

Cellulite creams are helpful in giving the appearance of taut skin by removing the hydration from the surface from the fat cells of the body. The best creams will have a warming factor and be made of natural ingredients. It is also important to massage the cream into the skin thus breaking up the fat cells by the massage motion. Massaging the affected areas for 3 to 5 minutes will make the biggest difference in cellulite prone areas.

Dry Brush

Another way, is to include in your daily routine, is to do dry skin brushing because this will improve circulation to the skin. Dry skin brushing will also rid the body of toxins that have settled in with in the fat cells of the body. Purchase a brush made of natural fibers and be sure to do this before you shower on a daily basis.

There are many other factors that improve the skin and health of the body by daily skin brushing. How to do dry skin brushing is simple. Step in your shower with the facet water off. Make sure that your skin and your brush are dry. Begin brushing by starting at your feet and working up your body towards your heart, bringing up the circulation up the body. It is important also to have positive thoughts about your body and thinking of the beautiful skin you are creating.

Be sure to brush your stomach in a clockwise motion to ensure good digestion. Also, include your arm brushing with an upward motion. All brushing must be towards your heart to help with blood flow and lymphatic circulation. This in turn, will assist your immune system to strengthen as a bonus.

Take a cool shower to rinse off the dead skin cells and toxins that have risen to the surface of the skin. Be sure to massage the cellulite affected areas. Showering in cooler water will help tighten the skin, giving the appearance of being less bumpy.

Cosmetic Spray

Another treatment is to use a cosmetic spray tan that is one or two shades darker than the skin. This can be a bit tricky and must be applied over all of the body to give a natural look. This is useful for a quick change, but of course not a healthy solution with getting to root of the problem, that is getting rid of the extra fat accumulated.

Injectable Treatments

Some methods used are more aggressive to the body. Injectable treatments that include vitamins and minerals in the formula are inserted into the skin to give it a more even appearance. This is a temporary fix. It make sense to change ones eating lifestyle on a daily basis instead of having to have needles injected into the body. Make important changes and include these vitamins and minerals into the food that is being eaten instead of costly injections.


A great feeling treatment is to have a qualified massage therapist work with the affected areas on a weekly basis to help remove cellulite. These sessions, in conjunction with eating a healthy diet, getting the proper weekly exercise is essential to being cellulite-free quickly.

Here’s a quick 10 minute exercise routine that can get rid of cellulite!

In Conclusion

The best way to rid your body of cellulite is to give yourself time. It probably took some time and maybe even years to become covered with cellulite. Accepting yourself and then making the intention to transform to a new, healthy lifestyle is the best way to have the beautiful body for which you desire.

The champion way of being cellulite free naturally is to reframe from eating refined, white sugar. This is one of the main factors with people gaining and retaining weight. Cellulite loves sugar, fat and salt.

By knowing this, do not feed the cellulite, but only feed yourself healthy food that is going to make you have higher energy for your day and increase your stamina. Make sure to improve your health for yourself and not simply because of an event coming up or for a person in your life. Be cellulite free for the improvement of your lifestyle.

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