A few Tips and Tricks on How to Sweat Less

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A man in a shirt showing his sweat marks under his arms.

In America alone, nearly 8 million people suffer from excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, according to statistics. With 2.8% of the American population suffering from embarrassing sweating on their faces, underarms, hands, feet, and even intimate locations, it’s no wonder that people are searching for more reliable treatments for this haunting condition every day.

Luckily, there is hope for hyperhidrosis, and learning how to sweat less is actually a lot easier than one would think. Learn many remedies that can be used in daily life to make sweating less of an issue and feel more comfortable in normal activity.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

A woman showing her sweat marks under her arms.

Knowing what hyperhidrosis is in the first place is the best way to know how to deal with it. Simply put, hyperhidrosis is a condition where the nervous system tells the body to put out more sweat than it actually needs, which leads to ‘compensatory’ sweating in other areas of the body when just the underarms are treated.

This is why many people find it difficult or even impossible to stop their sweating entirely; simply treating the issue in the underarms often leads to palm and feet sweating, sweating on the face or upper lip, and even sweating in the groin or behind the legs. The problem is more common than you’d think, so many catch themselves wondering how to sweat less.

The key to treating hyperhidrosis is in convincing the nervous system that it doesn’t need to go into overdrive so the sweating can stop, or at least reduce itself to more normal amounts.

A very sweaty, fit woman in a bikini during exercise.

After all, sweat is still needed in the body to reduce overheating and to keep the body temperature at a normal regulation. Luckily, there are many natural remedies and techniques a person can employ to make their sweating less excessive and severe.

The following remedies are healthy ways to help manage sweat all over the body and help a person live a more normal life.

Witch Hazel for Excessive Sweating

Many people wonder how to sweat less under arms, and the answer often lies in what they are putting under their arms in the first place. Too often, as mentioned above, people treat only one issue, which leads to compensatory sweating in other areas of the body.

Witch hazel flower, soap, and cream.

In the case of excessive underarm sweating, witch hazel can bring rapid relief. Witch hazel blocks the ducts that release sweat and allow a person to sweat more normally. Applying witch hazel on the face, underarms, palms, feet, and around the groin area can help reduce sweating exponentially.

Witch hazel is also present in creams and ointments, and is also used as an anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for treating excessive sweating and the rashes and irritation that go along with it. Witch hazel can be used alone or under lotions and deodorants or antiperspirants for the best effect.

For those wondering how to sweat less on the face, witch hazel is an excellent and cheap defense that won’t harm the skin or cause irritation. It is best when used as an astringent during facial cleansing.

What to Drink for Excessive Sweating

Crystal clear water being poured into a glass.

People who sweat more than others need to watch their water intake, and will need to find ways to increase their water consumption as well as find out how much water they need to drink. When you consume enough water, you won’t have to worry about having to monitor your natural temperature and your body can worry less about sweating.

Tomato juice works well to prevent sweating as well. Raw juice remedies, including tomato juice, work to help the body release toxins and sweat less, and overall put the body in a healthier state.

Drinks to avoid can make just as much difference in those who suffer from hyperhidrosis and sweating as drinks to actively consume. Hot beverage, such as teas, cocoa, and coffee, can make sweating worse by raising the body’s temperature, and caffeine-laden drinks raise blood pressure, which in turn can increase sweating overall.

A woman taking deep breaths above a pile of coffee beans.

Consuming beverages cool or keeping the body cool while consuming hot beverages can greatly reduce the excessive sweating that so many people worry about on a daily basis. Knowing how to sweat less in general includes avoiding things that can make a person overheat.

Clothing that Reduces Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

A relaxed woman smiling in the park.What a person wears can affect how much they sweat as much as what they eat. For instance, people who wear darker clothing and tight clothing that doesn’t breathe well (such as spandex) are more likely to experience greater amounts of sweating than those who wear lighter clothing and cotton fibers.

To prevent excessive sweating, wear loose-fitting clothing made of cotton or sweat-absorbing fibers, wear a hat when out in the sun (to prevent overheating), and wear lighter clothing colors that will reflect heat rather than absorb it.

What Not to Do for Excessive Sweating

In the end, there are just as many things a person wants to avoid to keep from sweating excessively as there are for treating their symptoms. A person wants to make sure they never let their sweat stay moist in any area of their body to avoid bacteria and infection, particularly in the groin and underarm areas.

A woman applying deodorant to her armpit.

They also want to make sure that they don’t use harsh soaps or perfumes to cover up any odors, as this can lead to irritation and stress, which in turn can lead to more sweating.

In short, a person wants to make sure they treat their symptoms rather than just cover them up, and the best way to treat any hyperhidrosis symptoms is with proper hygiene. Simple soap and water for cleaning prone areas like the face, groin, underarms, and other areas is usually all a person needs to keep their hygiene in check.

Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating is an affliction that many Americans suffer from, and knowing they are not alone is a great way to help them feel confident in moving forward with treating their symptoms.

A happy girl smiling while sitting in the tall grass.

Since many natural remedies for excessive sweating exist, you too can learn how to sweat less on the face and underarms so you can feel more confident in your daily activities.

All it takes is a few lifestyle changes and incorporating sweat-reducing tactics, and you can be well on your way to managing your excessive sweating for good.

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