Why a Positive Mindset Makes All the Difference For Your Health (and how to achieve it)

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A happy woman in an open field with the title "Health benefits of positive thinking"

Positive thinking: an optimistic brain pattern that is often written-off as hippie behavior. This seemingly carefree way of navigating life is far more powerful, helpful and impactful than many may imagine. Though it may appear irresponsible and careless, optimism (the choice to always focus on the positive) is a health-serving, conscious decision.

Some find this way of thinking to be their solution after living in a state of negativity, depression and unworthiness. The beautiful thing about positive thinking is that it can benefit you in just a moment’s time–regardless of who you are or where you’re at in life. It’s as simple as making moment-to-moment decisions to focus on the positive aspect of every scenario life hands us.

Not only is this fun, liberating and empowering, but it’s good for your health. The health benefits of positive thinking are bountiful. Positive thinking and health go hand-in-hand. You cannot expect to optimize your health when your mind is in the gutter, so to speak. A positive life comes from positive thoughts; period.

It’s easy to blame circumstance, lack of opportunity, or whatever other excuse one can muster up. The most effective use of your time is to accept the fact that you are in control of your own mindset. You, and only you, have the power to decide that you’re going to turn that switch on in your head; the optimist switch.

How a Positive Mindset Serves You

Keeps You Focused on Your Goals

Tuning out the “white noise” that is negativity will leave you all kinds of room to roam and explore your dreams, without being held back by the barriers that negativity can create in your mind. In many ways, positive thinking is a daily exercise. You can improve the strength of your “positivity muscle” by implementing these thinking patterns daily.

Every day, wake up and leave yourself little reminders and little pointers to get you started off on the right foot. This way, it doesn’t matter what or who you encounter in a day’s time. With your positive, optimistic mindset, you’re equipped for anything that life throws at you.

The universe has a funny way of giving us little “tests” along the way to see how mentally strong we are. You can pass those tests with flying colors when your mind is rife with positivity.

Helps You Tune out Negativity and Criticism

When you allow your attention to stray to negative events or people, you are robbing yourself of the time and opportunity to fuel your optimism fire. Negative brings about more negative. Likewise, positive brings about more positive. So, it’s a no brainer. If you want positive results, you must keep your focus on the positive.

Enhances Your Mood

Nothing brings you down quicker, diminishes your motivation and squashes your inspired state like dwelling on the negative. Never underestimate the power of your thinking patterns. Negative thinking can be disabling. On the other end of the spectrum, positive thinking can exponentially amplify the goodness of your life.

Keeps You Clued in to Your Life’s Purpose

Maintaining an optimistic mindset has a way of keeping you centered and present. Operating in this state of mind helps keep away mental clutter and helps you stay in touch with your life’s purpose: which is to maximize your potential as a human being. Being an optimist equips you to challenge your mental & physical limits and make good use of your pulse.

You Can Achieve This Mindset by Reminding Yourself of These Pointers:

Become Mesmerized by the Beauty of Life

This idea might sound a bit far-out for most people to wrap their head around. But, stick with me here. Think back to when you were a young child. Think about how easily transfixed you became on little things: the sound of your bike tires as you peddled down the street, the feeling of a rumbling thunderstorm, the excitement of flying high on a swing, the anticipation of climbing a tree top.

This way of thinking; this focus on life’s tiny details is perhaps the answer. Reverting to how we thought as children allows us to see beauty. When you see beauty, positive thinking follows. Thus, immerse yourself in things that intrigue you, things that you find beautiful, things that give you goosebumps and things that inspire you at your core.

Don’t Concern Yourself with the Opinions of Others

This may seem easier said than done. But, know that it is the ticket to happiness. Picture the most happy & successful people in your mind; be them athletes, actors or activists.

Take Michael Jordan, for example. He’s universally considered one of the best men’s basketball players of all time. I assure you, he did not get to that place of personal success and achievement by listening to his critics. The happiest people are masters of tuning out the negative. Positive individuals have a way of contracting a following of nay-sayers.

Unfortunately, these folks live in a state of jealousy because they are not fulfilling their own personal missions in life. Thus, it behooves you to know that in advance and not pay them any attention. If anything, feel sorry for them and know that many times, they simply wish they could be in your shoes.

Know That If You Don’t Fit In, You’re Probably Doing Something Right

With a positive mindset, you are likely to confuse others. Those who struggle to get out of their dark way of thinking will be bewildered and annoyed with your optimism. Your authenticity will likely intimidate others that are struggling to find their sense of self. This may manifest itself in jealousy or negativity from those individuals. Don’t let that negativity shake you from the mission you know is in line with your purpose on earth: to shine your light.

Furthermore, when light shines on darkness, the darkness no longer exists. In other words, by being your true, authentic, positive self, you will inspire others around you to make the same mental changes in their life. It’s a positive for you and a positive for those around you. You’re creating a whole lot of good karma for yourself as an optimist.

All in all, the health benefits of positive thinking are numerous. Not only will this mindset open doors for you, but it will diminish your stress levels, improve your vitality and increase your zest for life. Morphing your thinking patterns into positive alternatives is the key to catapulting your life’s happiness into the stratosphere. Don’t be afraid to mow over and tune out what holds you back. Put your focus into positivity and watch it grow.

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