Natural Sour Stomach Home Remedies that Can Bring Relief

Sour stomach’ is a common medical malady most often caused by acid reflux and indigestion. Not choosy in picking its victims, sour stomach is equally annoying and disturbing for men and women alike of all ages.

Since the cause of having an upset stomach can be created by a variety of disturbances, including what foods have been eaten, medical issues, stress, and even lack of active lifestyle, treating this condition is often easier said than done.

However, there are many sour stomach home remedies that you can use to help rid your belly of the nasty belching, rumbling, stomach upset, and heartburn that is often associated with this affliction to find much-needed relief.

Not only are these remedies effective, but they are also easy to find in ones’ common grocery store, and may already exist in the kitchen.

Get Juicy When the Stomach Upset Begins

There are a few delicious and healthy juices that can help curb the effects of an upset or sour stomach and help you get back on the mend again. One of the most effective juices for sour stomach symptoms is carrot juice.

Carrot juice has a tendency to give the stomach the power boost it needs to safely digest foods and get back on track. Blending a few carrots, some water, and a banana together and consuming the pulp is a great way to help give the body the nutrients it needs and help absorb the many gases and acids that are causing pain, bloat, and discomfort often associated with sour stomach in general.

There are juices to avoid, however, including tomato, orange, grapefruit, and pineapple juice. Juices that are higher in acid can actually make the stomach more irritated, and are best drunk only when symptoms start to subside.

If carrot juice or bananas are not available, milk is a great substitute for coating the stomach lining (add a bit of honey and warm it up for a cozy effect) and helping keep those sour belches in check.

Snacks That Bring Relief

For many people suffering from a sour stomach, food is the last thing on their minds. But there are many foods that can actually improve symptoms and help you feel better more quickly. Sour stomach remedies that make a decent meal include dry toast, crackers, bananas, oatmeal, rice, and even dry cereal without milk.

The key in consuming foods to help cure an upset stomach is in avoiding overly salty, greasy, or spicy foods. Otherwise, the symptoms can actually be made a lot worse than they were to begin with. Foods to avoid when seeking sour stomach remedies include chips, carbonated soda, overly sugary sweets, fried foods, and spicy foods like tacos or salsa.

These types of foods can make the stomach lining more irritated, and can lead to even more belching, acid reflux, stomach rumbling, and gassiness that causes upset in the first place.

Herbs, Spices, and Teas That Bring Quick Relief

For the novice and experienced naturopath alike, herbs, spices, and certain teas can make a sour stomach breathe a sigh of relief. Ginger, mint, chamomile, cinnamon, and lemongrass are well-known remedies that work wonders for an upset or sour stomach.

These herbs and spices can be consumed in conjunction with other remedies (such as mint with carrot juice), blended into foods in an essential oil, or drunk in a delicious tea that soothes the stomach and makes you feel better quickly.

Teas to avoid include overly caffeinated ones, like green, black, or white teas, as they can further irritate the stomach and can cause other issues like diarrhea and bloating. It’s best to stick to lighter teas, such as lemongrass, chamomile, mint, or peppermint, and add a dash of cinnamon and honey for added flavor and relief.

These teas are best when they are drunk without sugar or other additives (unless one is using honey, a known anti-inflammatory and great for the stomach), and should not be consumed with heavy amounts of milk or cream for the best relief of sour stomach symptoms.

Other Remedies to Try

Other tried and true sour stomach home remedies to help cure sudden or persistent sour stomach issues include drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda, or a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey.

These seemingly strange remedies work much the same way an antacid does- by absorbing the excess acids in the stomach to allow the stomach lining to be less irritated, therefore bringing the victim relief.

Prevention is Key

Of course, preventing a sour stomach is the best way to treat one in the first place. If you experience persistent symptoms of burning, belching, rumbling stomach, gas, and other stomach upset issues, you should visit a gastroenterologist to rule out any possible issues that may be causing an upset stomach in the first place (such as GERD or an ulcer).

Since an upset stomach can be caused by real underlying medical issues, those who experience sour stomach more than twice a week should seek professional assistance to rule out causing factors.

Preventing sour stomach is fairly simple, and normally involves changing some habits when it comes to eating. Ending eating or snacking hours before bed, staying away from overly salty or greasy foods, consuming lots of water, and staying active are ways to help prevent an upset stomach before it starts.

Also, you should talk to your doctor about any natural diet or supplements you are taking, like Garcinia Cambogia, to make sure these herbs or supplements are not impeding on their overall health or sour stomach remedies they are currently using.

Here’s an interesting video with some more information on the topic.

When it comes to treating a sour stomach, there are many natural and home remedies that you can use to find quick relief. Not only are these remedies easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle, but they are likely already in existence in your home already.

You don’t need to suffer from the ill effects of a sour stomach, nor do you need to use expensive treatments or precautions in order to control your symptoms. These time-honored sour stomach home remedies work just fine to get the job done.

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