The Gabriel Method Review – Diets Don’t Work

In this Gabriel Method Review, we’ll review the best program on weight loss I have ever found in many years of researching health and wellbeing. No other methodology for losing weight that I’ve seen has such a clear understanding of the underlying causes of weight gain and how to resolve them.

In this Gabriel Method Review:

  • Who Is Jon Gabriel And What Is The Gabriel Method?
  • Why Diets Don’t Work And This New Methodology Does
  • Most Overweight People Are Starving Nutritionally No Matter How Much They Eat
  • Using The Gabriel Method

Who Is Jon Gabriel And What Is The Gabriel Method?

Jon Gabriel was over 400 pounds and had tried every popular diet around, from low fat Pritikin to high fat, high protein Atkins. After some initial weight loss he always gained it back and more.

Eventually he realized that at some level his body wanted to be fat and all the dieting and fighting it simply wasn’t working. That’s when he set about understanding why and how to change it.

With a background in biochemistry and an intense period of research and discovery, Jon came up with a completely different approach to losing weight. He personally lost over 220 pounds and now teaches thousands of people around the world how to achieve permanent weight loss without dieting.

An obese person pinching her waist.

Why Diets Don’t Work And This New Methodology Does

While so many dieting books of the past were focused on pointless calorie restriction, The Gabriel Method shows how starving yourself actually makes things much worse. Essentially restriction style diets are only teaching your body to go into emergency mode and conserve fat.

Weight gain, at an underlying level, is more of an emotional, psychological and hormonal issue than just about overeating. Accumulation of body fat is an outward manifestation of certain genetic survival programs that have very good reasons for working in the way they do.

The Gabriel Method goes into great detail about what these emotional, psychological and hormonal issues are and how to free yourself from their control. All the calorie counting and willpower in the world is useless long term unless you learn to work with, instead of against these deep seated survival programs that your mind controls your body with.

Most Overweight People Are Starving Nutritionally No Matter How Much They Eat

Even if you eat a ton of food and thousands of calories, you can still be hungry if you’re not getting what you need nutritionally. This hunger is part of your basic survival program that keeps you alive and is as powerful as the need to go to sleep when you’ve been up too late. Trying to fight it with willpower is pointless.

However, when you give your body what it needs nutritionally it will naturally subside. The Gabriel Method reviews exactly why certain essential nutrients are missing from your diet and how to get them back into your meals. This is about eating more, not less.

It also examines in detail how not digesting and assimilating your food properly can lead to overpowering hunger and how to resolve this situation. If any of these issues are affecting you then going on a diet is about the worst thing you could do.

Stop dieting and reach your ideal weight naturally with a different approach. There is no restriction on any food you want to eat with The Gabriel Method. Instead, as you add certain nutrient rich foods into your meals, you’ll find your cravings naturally fall away.

It isn’t about controlling yourself. It’s about understanding, respecting and working with the underlying genetic survival programs that ultimately control your body weight at a deeper level.

A woman stretching her jeans to show her wight loss progress and flat belly.

Using The Gabriel Method

This is not some quick dieting trick where you lose weight rapidly and then put it on again as soon as you stop following unmaintainable directions. As such, it’s unlikely to be suitable for people who give up unless they are getting dramatic results in the first few weeks.

Because you are dealing with real causes of weight gain, that you are probably currently unaware of, it can take longer for some people than others to recognize them fully and begin seeing serious results.

That said, I believe you’ll understand the truth behind this method once you start reading the first few chapters of the book. If you don’t, and you think it’s not right for you, then there’s a 60 day money back guarantee with the program.

The Gabriel Method is far more than just a great book on how to lose weight. It also contains 12 videos on creating a new body, a series of powerful guided visualizations, Jon’s favorite healthy recipes and special audio programs on effective weight loss.

I’ve personally recommended The Gabriel Method to friends and even a family member as I think it’s the best resource out there for losing weight. I’d really suggest listening to what Jon has to say (the pictures of his transformation alone speak volumes).

So many people are punishing themselves each day with restrictive diets that simply do not work. The path to weight loss does not involve struggle or even willpower.

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