Sleep Tips for New Parents

After nine months of pregnancy and a grueling visit to the doctor, you finally have your bundle of joy in your arms. Most think this is the happiest moment of their lives, but they have no idea what’s to come in the future. Being a parent is hardly all rainbows and unicorns, and you need …

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3 Easy Things You Can Do To Relax Your Mind And Body

The Importance Of Being At Peace Did you know if you’re too stressed too often you’ll die younger? Essentially, you’ve got this compound in your DNA called telomerase. Telomerase forms telomeres. Telomeres act like tape around a shoestring binding your DNA together. Stress reduces telomerase. So essentially, when you’re stressed, you age faster owing to …

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How To Sleep Soundly Every Night

Getting a good night of sleep is crucial to being a functioning member of society. It helps you maintain focus, stay positive, be productive, see improved athletic performance, and many others. Unfortunately, not everyone consistently gets enough sleep. In fact, sleep-related problems impact tens of millions of Americans. However, before you simply accept the fact …

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