Date Ideas for Taurus and Pisces

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Are you a Pisces interested in a Taurus? Or a Taurus who has a crush on a Pisces? 

A Pisces-Taurus match is considered compatible because both are relationship-oriented. They make it a goal to be in a serious, loving relationship. But dating is not always easy for them. 

We’ve rounded up 10 date ideas for Taurus and Pisces couples out there. Prepare to be intimate, fancy, and sensual with each other!

1. Go Shopping

The Taurus tends to overwork because he wants to provide new clothes, furniture, and food for his Pisces lover. He also likes splurging for himself as a reward for doing a great job in his career.

 Shopping would be a great experience for the Taurus and Pisces couple because the Taurus spoils his partner while the Pisces remind him about gentleness when it comes to money. While the Pisces partner doesn’t prioritize worldly desires, she understands the value of money. 

The ending would be a practical shopping date where they treat each other without overspending!

2. Romantic Movie Date

Taurus men and women love to relax after a hectic day at work through a luxurious movie experience. They prefer incredible food services and reclining seats, too! These bulls live a life of grander. 

The Pisces doesn’t mind whether you go to an expensive movie theater or stay at home watching Netflix. Just choose a romantic or drama movie so that the dreamy Pisces partner doesn’t get bored with the film.

3. Role-Play

Pisceans, especially women, can get a little lost in their daydreams. Turn their fantasies into reality by role-playing! 

Take them to a bar and act as if you’ve only met them for the first time. You can also go to escape rooms together as they channel their inner detective. 

Role-playing in the bedroom is another great idea, although you need to establish trust first. Even though the Taurus feels uncomfortable with the idea of it, they will soon enjoy role-playing in bed because it’s how the Pisces partner best expresses their love.

4. Watch an Opera

Both Pisces and Taurus partners hate crowded and loud concerts despite being music lovers. They would rather be known for their unique, over-the-top, and opulent taste. The opera doesn’t only play classical and boring music. Some use pop culture references depending on the show you’re attending! 

Going to the opera not only is a great opportunity to play dress-up but also a romantic way to appreciate the history and playlist of the show. Some operas offer keepsake photos in photo booths and wine to early birds.

5. Fancy Dinner Date

What’s the best date idea for a dreamy Pisces who wants a movie-like romance and a fancy Taurus who wants to show off to their partner? A five-star dinner date!

Pisces and Taurus would enjoy eating at a fine dining restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and an amazing tasting menu. Date nights are sacred, so they don’t like going to casual and low-key restaurants for burgers and fries

Try different cuisines together as you talk about your goals and plans in life. Always put on your best dress, order the perfect wine for your dish, and maybe share a plate to build attraction and romance. 

After all, the way to a Taurus and Pisces’ hearts is through their stomachs.

6. Give Flowers

Both Taurus and Pisces women love flowers. The Taurus is an Earth sign who has a deep connection with nature, while the Pisces woman will forever remember you for your sweet gesture of arranging flowers for her. 

When giving flowers to your girl, opt for a bouquet with different combinations of flowers, patterns, sizes, and colors. They don’t like simple and classic flower arrangements.

7. Give Them Artworks

Another interest that both Pisces and Taurus share is art. The Pisces is born an artist because of their skill in perception and emotions. They create music, artwork, or poetry while they are alone. 

If you’re a Pisces, give your Taurus lover an artwork as a sign of affection! Taurus is ruled by Venus, so expect them to enjoy all of your creative outputs.

You can also buy them art collectibles. Charm them with an elegant sculpture to display at home or a vinyl record of their favorite band. Even better is a homemade piece of art.

8. Beach Day

As a water sign, Pisces loves the beach! He would lounge under the sun all day then take a dip in the ocean. Swinging in the hammock, the sound of waves, and reading a good book are enough to make their day. 

Meanwhile, a Taurus will also like a beach date for the sake of self-indulgence and being pampered. Like the Pisces, she doesn’t want a crowded beach. So, they would book a vacation somewhere with the best accommodation, a clear coastline, and amazing cocktails! 

A perfect and romantic way to end the beach date would be by watching the sunset.

9. Spa Date

A spa date is an intimate and sophisticated way to take the day off together. As a fish, the Pisces partner will love a hydrotherapy massage and the tranquility of the atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, the Taurus enjoys the elaborate and fancy healing waters along with the beauty and care treatments. They want candles, lotions, and music to put them in a good mood. 

Going to the spa is a romantic way to reduce stress as it gives you a well-rested mind and body. It also eliminates toxins because of the warm environment!

10. Wine and Paint Night 

The Taurus is all about his senses, most especially his taste buds. He likes trying out different wines, while Pisces is a naturally gifted painter. She aspires to be like Da Vinci or Picasso so she spends a lot of time being alone and practicing with her paintbrush. 

A wine and paint night is an ideal setup for the couple to share great conversations while trying each other’s hobbies!

Pisces and Taurus Love Soothing Dates

The Pisces and Taurus pair have different perspectives but the same preferences when it comes to date ideas. Taurus loves the beach because of self-indulgence, while Pisces enjoys it for the sake of nature.

Are you in a Taurus-Pisces relationship? What’s your perfect date idea? Let us know your questions and experiences in the comments! 

The Pisces and Taurus are a good match because they create balance in each other’s life. Start asking them out now so you can try one of our date ideas!

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